Thrive: Crop Circle laziness or giving the people what they want?

Man made crop circles passed off as something else

I let out an audible groan when the topic of crop circles was raised in ‘Thrive’. A classic case of armchair research or just believing someone else’s truth. If you are going to make one of those ‘let’s transform humanity’ type movies you would at least want to have tied all your research down? Now it makes me think that if you didn’t properly research this section, how do I know the rest of the film isn’t based on bad research? The sad thing is that many people will just accept this as fact because it is on a film, because it’s packaged up nicely that pushes all the right buttons. What ever happened to a bit of objectivity and letting people decide for themselves what’s true or not?

Now the crop-circle in the photo below is featured in the film as you can see. Now, I was one of the first people in that circle. Why? Because a very good friend of mine had a tip off (a text message the morning it appeared) that a circle appeared and it’s location, and we went along. So it’s man-made. Fact. Or would you rather believe that my friend received a text message from the aliens that made it? Your choice…

Man-made crop circles ahoy!

2 thoughts on “Thrive: Crop Circle laziness or giving the people what they want?

  1. Andy,

    Can you give some more details about the making of this crop circle? It would be very important to provide clear and specific information about just how the humans made this circle since that would really debunk Foster Gamble’s claims. I know that Muertos would certainly appreciate such information for his THRIVE-Debunked blog.

    You don’t have to name names, but can you detail the time they spent in the field, how many circlemakers there were, what techniques they used, etc. That would really provide good context for you being tipped off about it.


    1. This information is being gathered even as I type, and soon we will have some interesting information to post…

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