Suzanne Taylor and the dutch crop circle trickster

I wondered how long it would take before Ms Taylor jumped on this gravy train, er, I mean band-wagon. Suzanne is simply cock-a-hoop at Robert Van Broeke’s latest evidence featuring his dubious mediumistic skills (and when I mean dubious I think I really mean out and out fakery). In the process she has a swipe at the collective nay-sayers: namely Colin Andrews and Matthew Williams. Just because someone produces a video that apparently shows someones mediumstic skills doesn’t automatically make it so. Just because Nancy Talbot is involved doesn’t give it any credence. Suzanne’s outbursts descend into an attack on anyone who dares pour scorn on the so-called evidence contained in her film. Touchy? Just a little…


2 thoughts on “Suzanne Taylor and the dutch crop circle trickster

  1. I just posted this comment to Suzanne on her blog.


    This whole episode of the fishily identical faces of Pat Delgado and Dave Chorley both fishily appearing in the same 1991 video and then fishily showing up in Robbert’s camera in 2012 is strikingly and hauntingly reminiscent of a similar episode that took place almost a hundred years ago in England.

    I refer to the infamously eye-rolling affair of the so-called “Cottingley Fairies” that were photographed by two young cousins, Elsie, age 16, and Frances, age 10, in 1917 and which actually convinced the avowed spiritualist Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of the existence of fairies —- and by extension, the rest of the paranormal beings and phenomena that he fervently believed in.

    The wikipedia entry is quite thorough and worth a full read through
    Here is a shorter JREF page

    Now it turns out that the girls finally confessed to the fakery in 1983. It took them 66 years, or two-thirds of a century. Suzanne, I daresay that there’s a lesson here for both you and Nancy. (Maybe not for Robbert.) But time is of the essence. Since both you ladies each already have celebrated a life span of approximately 2/3’s of a century, I can predict quite confidently that you do not have the luxury of waiting yet another 2/3’s of a century during which you might contemplate the actual physical reality of the Delgado/Chorley images.

    However, I am not even asking you to confess definitively that they were faked by Robbert. I’m only asking you simply to entertain just the possibility that Robbert could have — not even might have — faked the photos in 2012 just as the Cottingsley girls did in 1917.

    Now let me leave you with an assurance that you and Nancy can still believe in the posthumous existence of deceased human beings and even their back-influence upon the living — and yet simultaneously believe that some alleged evidence of posthumous appearances through some sort of medium could be fraudulent, at best a winsome product of peri-adolescent wish-fulfillment.

    I quote here from the Cottingley Network website:

    In 1986, Frances passed away aged 78, still believing in fairies. The photos were admittedly faked but she insists that she really did see fairies…

    (I do believe that the ticking sounds I hear are emanating from both yours and Nancy’s respective biological clocks. Ladies, there is still time to repent — notwithstanding the possibility that the whole world might end on the Winter Solstice of 2012, but I digress.)

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