Suzanne Taylor and Rosie O’Donnell talk crap, er, crop circles….

Suzanne makes such a big deal of her interview with Rosie O’Donnell. So let’s look at it in detail shall we? It never ceases to amaze me the power of TV, the power it has to convince people watching of certain ‘facts’ that aren’t really facts at all. If you have people who are convincing enough with their delivery you can convey beliefs that get readily absorbed. Let’s have a look and break this down…

Suzanne claims this ‘phenomena’ could change the world. Really? How? No, seriously Suzanne. How exactly will it change the world in the global context you are talking about? Are masses of people escaping poverty because of crop circles? Are the hungry being fed? The needy supported? In the thirty-odd years that crop circles have been in the popular consciousness I fail to see any huge movement towards global change. I will grant you that people who get involved in crop circles do sometimes experience life-changes, so maybe you need to ease back with the rhetoric there, Suzanne.

Then the bombshell from Suzanne: ‘We’re being visited’. She claims aliens make crop circles. It’s not people. We’re being visited. It’s aliens. The crop circle on her t-shirt? Man-made.

Doug N Dave, ‘the two guys’ they begin talking about were not farmers. Fact. There is no evidence whatsoever, not even a sniff of evidence, that these guys were paid by the government. They question how they managed to get a press release into the World press? In 1991 the press were heavily sniffing around the crop circle scene. If you were in Wiltshire in 1991, hub of the crop circle scene, and you threw a stone? You’d probably hit a journalist. There were plenty of them. Every year, journalists, camera crews, and creative types still  come to Wiltshire. At the time the Today newspaper were heavily involved in the crop circle story and they ran the story and everyone jumped on the band-wagon. Now, here’s my personal story on this. A few years ago, I reported a story on three unusual beings being spotted by a policeman in a field in Wiltshire near a crop circle. I blogged about it, contacted other researchers about it, and by the end of the year without a press release most papers had run a variation of the story. Weighty broadsheets like The Telegraph run it. I tracked the story as far as the Singapore broadsheets. All without a press release. So it ain’t too hard to get some media coverage.

The Lab Reports. Oh dear. The peer-reviewed journals mentioned are very small journals. We’re not talking Nature here. Now this is where things get a little confused. The science that Suzanne is talking about is flawed. The BLT team that are behind this ‘science’ have been fooled several times by samples from man-made circles that they’ve deemed genuine. The fact there are changes to the plants does not prove anything until you have done a proper double-blind study. Chemical changes to the soil? Again, there is not enough testing to prove this point. BLT talk about microscopic iron particles which do not occur naturally. But they can. NASA proved it. Something I will cover on a  later post.

Woven crop? Yeah, because no human could possibly weave crop together! Do you ever listen to yourself?

“If we’re not making those, it could change humanity quick! Like overnight!” So why didn’t this happen. Enough with the psuedo New Age rhetoric already.

The classic line of this clip for me: Rosie “Nature doesn’t have symmetry”. Wow Rosie, you really haven’t been paying attention much. Nature is full of symmetry. Look at a leaf for crying out loud! It’s symmetry!

What infuriates me about all this is the total lack of objectivity, telling only half the story and being extremely disingenuous. Two (apparently) intelligent people discussing things like they are a fact, when in reality they are not. Doug and Dave were not government agents paid to make crop circles (there are enough people who do it for free!), there is no good science about crop circles and people can create very complex crop circles. For people who like to talk about things like truth and balance, there is very little evidence of either.


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