Suzanne Taylor – Do I Denounce Thee?

As I have said previously – it’s nothing personnel, I’ve never met Suzanne. But I do question a lot of the material in her film (a hell of a lot actually). Is it a project to denounce her? Not really, I just have a problem with innocent people being taken for a ride by a film (and other related products – ker-ching!) which are not a true reflection of what goes on in the world of crop circles. Suzanne does like to get personnel though with people she has never met, especially when they dare to question her blessed movie. Suzanne actually accused someone I know of being a wife-beater and an asshole, and yet she had never met him. When confronted on it Suzanne claimed the wife-beater comment was ‘a joke’. Since when did domestic violence have a humorous angle? The thing is, Suzanne knows exactly who makes the circles… as we shall soon see.

2 thoughts on “Suzanne Taylor – Do I Denounce Thee?

  1. Comment submitted on Suzanne’s blog:

    Well, Suzanne, you know the First Principle of Public Relations:
    “The only thing worse than bad publicity is no publicity.”

    On that note, Muertos has just devoted an entire new article to you, Nancy and Robbert on his THRIVE-Debunked blog.

    Crop Circle Wars! Fake Video Shakes Credibility of One of Thrive’s Main Sources

    A bizarre little drama is going on right now in the world of crop circles. A fake video designed to bolster belief in the supposed paranormal origin of crop circles has been making the rounds on the Internet, igniting both indignant recriminations and spirited defenses. This matter may seem extraneous to issues involved in Thrive—until you realize that the fake video controversy directly concerns a website called, which is one of the Thrive movie’s go-to sources for the crop circle nonsense that appears so prominently in the first part of the film.

  2. Move over, Uncle Sam, because . . .


    Yes, indeedy, Andy, now is your chance at redemption. I’m sure Aunt Suzi will forgive you if you enlist in her non-local army and muster up with your company of transcendental troops.

    Vital Mission! Will you join me?

    Just as bringing crop circles to the attention of the world was a mission for me, I feel a sense of mission about popularizing the picture of the next stage of evolution. . . .

    We will not change our collective worldview without a new picture in our minds, and that we are embedded in a domain beyond space and time is the basis for that picture. How to get this to be a topic we publicly converse about? I think that is key.

    I am looking for allies to make what Edgar Mitchell called “enlightened efforts to establish a fundamental shift in common perceptions.” Does this speak to you and will you join me? I welcome any comments on what I’ve written which I consider to be a work in progress to state the case for this new mission I am on.

    She’s on a mission, Andy, and you can be part of it! Don’t let your silly, surly, sullen skepticism stand in the way of your conscious evolution. I mean, you do want to evolve, don’t you, Andy?

    Think back to the time when you were so Neanderthal-like. OK, it was a rough go, but you did manage to get the hang of natural selection and became a fine specimen of Homo Sapiens. But now it’s time to evolve to the next stage, Andy. Let’s call it: Homo Suzannes.

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