Robbert Van Broeke – Credulity stretched (even further)

Well Robbert has been at it again! Not content with claiming to contact Pat Delgado and Dave Chorley, now he is claiming to have contacted not only legendary contactee George Adamski but also Christa McAuliffe. (Christa was onboard the tragic Challenger space shuttle disaster).

Robbert claims she is a “space angel” who takes children out-of-body during their sleep state to teach them about life on other planets. Really?  Robbert also claims she is part of a group of “space brothers and sisters”. Space brothers…. has it come to this? And speaking of space-brothers…..

George Adamski appears to give us a nice fluffy message. George amazingly appears just like he did in images that are publicly available.

Why is it, that all the images captured are available in the public domain. Why is the only image of Christa exactly the same as the image  of her in her NASA publicity photo? The answer is quite obvious I think.

Now the big question is: When will Nancy and Suzanne realise they are being taken for fools? Lets face it, their credibility by supporting Robbert, is being stretched beyond belief…

3 thoughts on “Robbert Van Broeke – Credulity stretched (even further)

  1. Andy,

    It’s all well and good to complain about Robbert’s antics, but how does he manage to do it? Check out this video I just discovered.

    It’s the video from April 12, 2012 of Robbert taking the camera shots and then discovering the faces of Pat and Dave. I’m sure you’ve seen it before, but what is significant about this video is that it was done and uploaded with English captions by Neil Slade, the brain research guy who is a regular guest on the Coast to Coast AM radio show with George Noory. He was on this past May 7 and apparently mentioned Robbert and he accepts the validity of Robbert’s claims.

    His website is called “Tickle your Amygdala.”


    1. How does he do it? Well, stay tuned and I will soon show you how Robbert achieves his photo’s and videos…

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