Colin Andrews – Threatened From Beyond the Grave (Allegedly)

The Robbert Van Broeke/Nancy Talbott/Suzanne Taylor freak show goes to even more ridiculous lengths. Respected researcher Colin Andrews made a statement that he had employed an expert to begin analysing the alleged spirit evidence put forward by Robbert and Talbott. Then, suddenly, Robbert receives message from more dead crop circle researchers (Paul Vigay and David Kingston) with a warning that unless Robbert and Nancy can continue their work un-impeded, then Colin would suffer heart and lung problems. So, a death threat in other words.

It is pathetic, that for daring to question the evidence, someone has to receive a thinly veiled death threat. Which obviously points to Robberts fragile ego and fears of being caught out again. With the emphasis on ‘again’. Now at this point, such pathetically childish behaviour, would make any sane-minded person back away from Robbert, but Nancy is still behind him 100%. Honestly, if this pair are example of the new-consciousness they are always banging-on about, I want no part of it.

Colin has responded and the full sorry saga is here:

13 thoughts on “Colin Andrews – Threatened From Beyond the Grave (Allegedly)

  1. Andy,

    I did the English translation for Colin and when I had finished it, I sent it off to Colin and to Nancy and Suzanne. I told Nancy she could post it on BLT and that I gave permission for Robbert to post it on his site. Then, a few hours later, someone notified me that Robbert had deleted the negative section about Colin and replaced it with a much longer and more positive upbeat section.

    Both versions are identical up to this point where Robbert describes getting the images in his camera.

    Version 1 — originally negative about Colin

    Faces appeared, which proved to be the two personalities. Next, when the mask of a joker materialized, Robbert asked what the image of this mask signified. Robbert received the answer. It meant that Colin Andrews wears a mask (in daily life), and does certain things that are not good. Here is the reason why it is a joker mask: whenever people hear Colin speak or write anything negative about Robbert, people should laugh at him.

    Version 2 — now positive about Colin (and much longer)

    Faces appeared, which proved to be the two personalities. Next, when the mask of a joker materialized, Robbert asked what the image of this mask signified. Robbert received the answer. It meant that Colin Andrews wears a mask (in daily life) and does certain things that are based not purely and solely on ego.

    Here is the reason why it is a joker mask: whenever people hear Colin speak or write anything negative about Robbert, then it is better if they can laugh about it. This is not the real Colin (not what he really is deep inside), but only his mask, and it is better to laugh at yourself than to get angry or frustrated with yourself.

    It is not Robbert’s intention to ridicule Colin — the real message that came through above all else, is that we can better get along with each other lovingly by laughing at this kind of negativity in the crop circle world, because “laughter is the best medicine.” Thus we get along better with each other without engaging in mutual ego conflicts. We come closer to the essence of authentic human relationship.


    1. I think Robbert decided to have a go at Colin for daring to further analyse the so-called evidence and now thinks better of it. It was a threat pure and simple. Nothing funny about a threat. Nothing funny about someone suffering from heart and lung problems because Nancy and Robbert can’t finish their ‘work’. Robbert is a fraudster and more and more people are seeing that.

  2. Once again, Robbert’s apparitions bear an uncanny and suspicious resemblance to images found on the internet:

  3. And let’s not forget to trample all over the memory of David Kingston too!:

    This ‘apparition’ also happened to be the second image that came up in a Google image search.

    Looks like Robbert’s getting a little lazy!

  4. Oh I’ll stay tuned all right!

    After being called ‘universally unkind’ by Suzanne Taylor for merely asking questions and pointing out contradictions in her film, and seeing how she has volunteered to throw her weight behind this sick farce, I’m going to live up to her expectations by booking a front row ticket and an extra large bucket of popcorn for when she is invariably laughed right out of the scene along with den Broeke and the BLT.

    1. Well that is the issue here, isn’t it? How dare you ask questions! It is my big bone of contention with Taylor and Talbott. They do not like to be questioned, they expect you to accept the answers they provide. They’ve done your thinking for you!

      As soon as someone starts reaching for the insults, you know they’ve no argument left. No debate, no discussion, I will insult you until you go away.

      It saddens me that most people who talk about ‘the truth’ are seldom the ones who actually want to discuss the truth. They want ‘their’ truth and no-one must question it.

      But, the truth will out…

  5. You Anastaio! Fancy meeting you here!

    I chided you on Muertos’ blog about not keeping up with the latest RvdB news, but now I see you’re ready for updates. Let me copy it for Andy’s sake here:

    In the meantime, Robbert has come out of the closet as gay, but then deleted passages about his father trying to beat the gay out of him; then he started receiving mysterious rashes etched on his chest and forehead which were UFO symbols connected with the crop circles appearing in and around his home town in Holland. These marks may be a form of self-mutilation, akin to “cutting” and it would not surprise me if later on, Robbert comes down with the actual Stigmata wounds of Christ.

    Then he moved on to a different plot of land, where he had crop circles appear in 2009, but this time the farmer’s wife got angry at him and accused him of fabricating the circles himself. Apparently she doesn’t believe that space aliens created the signs and simply alerted Robbert telepathically to come out and see them.

    Also, the ghost of Queen Julianna (1909-2004) of the Netherlands appeared in Robbert’s camera and since she had once received the UFO hero George Adamski at her palace in 1959, then she and George will vindicate Robbert’s UFO and ET claims from beyond the grave.

    But Uri Geller is also involved now as well as a man who appears to be the Dutch version of David Icke. His name is Ronald Jan Heijn and he fully supports Robbert.

    (An interesting side-note. I do believe that the “lese-majesty” laws are still in effect in the Netherlands, so Robbert could be arrested if he makes too many wild and crazy claims about the former Queen. But they are not in effect in the UK, so honestly, can Princess Diana fail to appear someday in Robbert’s camera?)

  6. Here is the link to the latest story about Robbert in the national Dutch daily, De Telegraaf based in Amsterdam. Dateline: August 1, 2012

    Here is my translation of that page:

    The Battle of Robbert van den Broeke
    by Colette Boegman

    AMSTERDAM – Robbert van den Broeke (32) is very disappointed. The medium, who was ‘unmasked’ seven years ago during the TV program “More Between Heaven And Earth” with Irene Moors, is again under fire. This time, an angry farmer’s wifesays that Robbert himself made the crop circles on her land. Robbert says: “Now I must defend myself again.”

    Robbert was drawn to the field in the middle of the night. The psychic, who doesn’t live far from the farmland on the A17 road, recognized this twitchy feeling and hopped right on his moped.

    Robbert: “As I arrived, I saw blue and white balls and I heard a soft crackling sound. I also felt the energy coursing through my whole body.”

    An item about Robbert was published in WNL: “In it, the woman claims that I destroyed her field. She said that I should stop all this and look for a job,” says Robbert uncomprehendingly.

    Robbert sighs: “Fortunately, I am very forgiving. Soon I’m going to see her and set things right. But at this moment I am still too angry … really disappointed. My practice has been temporarily closed since I moved and am looking for a new location.

    But I will resume my readings as soon as possible for people who are open to me. That gives me satisfaction and strength. Strength that I need each time I enter into battle. And also to work through this disappointment.”

  7. As DAVID CHORLEY’S eldest son and indeed, somebody who was privy in advance to the creation of many of the most famous original corn circles wrought by him and DOUG BOWER, I am very keen to communicate with this man, given he is purporting to spread supposed ‘messages’ across the world from my late Father. i categorically refute any ounce of credibility in these claims whatsoever. My Father was a serious man with a sharp intellect and we had an extremely close Father-Son relationship. I have no hesitation in stating that I knew my Father better than anybody else on this earth and if he was going to communicate with anybody from beyond the grave, the very last person it would be is somebody such as this gentleman! The very idea is ludicrous and simply further perpetuates the ‘aura’ of farce, that prevents the Corn Circles from being fully acknowledged for what they are….Which is particularly stunning and unique Modern British Art Form….’vita Brevis Ars Longa’……

    1. Welcome Richard!

      May I be the first to put up for you the link that just appeared on Colin Andrews website.

      I encourage you to take whatever legal action you can against Robbert van den Broeke in the Netherlands. However, such action needs to include his American “handler,” Nancy Talbott, who has been backing and promoting Robbert for well over a decade now.
      She has also been acting as his “gatekeeper” to the English-speaking world and she may actually bear more responsibility for this libel against your father than does Robbert himself.

      I assume you have read this page on Nancy’s site concerning the images of your father and Pat Delgado.

      The only reason I copy the text here is to remind you and the other readers that Nancy Talbott is interpreting Robbert about your late father to the English-speaking world.

      Robbert has his own reasons for putting words in your late father’s mouth. However, Nancy Talbott has an even deeper agenda to exploit both Robbert and your father’s memory.

      Chorley’s “consciousness” then communicated his awareness (now that he is “in the afterlife”) of how important it is that people respect the loving force behind the crop circles. Chorley also expressed sincere regret that while he was on earth he had gone to the media and said that crop circles were “just a joke”, and that he and Doug had said they made them all.

      He told Robbert that he knew there were many genuine crop circles — those that occur around Robbert and many in other countries around the world, and also some each year in England. Chorley then added that “angels” and “light beings” are now “providing energy” to many of the man-made circles (particularly those in the UK) because these circles have become spiritual meeting places. He emphasized that people should not be confused if they have mysterious experiences in man-made formations since many of these circles are now also being imbued with this “positive spiritual energy” — the experience of which is the primary purpose of the circle phenomenon.

      Chorley also emphasized that when visitors to crop circles have spiritual or mystical experiences while inside the formations they are actually facilitating the ability of the “energy from the other dimension” to come toward them.

      Best regards,

      Tom Mellett
      Los Angeles, CA

  8. The special investigation by experts I’m working with into certain of Robbert’s statements, which have appeared on his website and also BLT’s, are expected to be made public sometime during Thursday this week. I want to make it clear that my goal in this investigation is not to hurt anyone involved but to discover what is happening. I have just posted a statement of intention on the site: As soon as the experts have formulated their findings, which Ive seen, I will send Andy a review copy to this site. What I have seen is going to open some eyes.

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