Crop Circles and the myth of complexity #1

One of the constant myths within the world of crop circles and one of the myths that fuels the belief that they are made by aliens is the myth of complexity.

‘No human could make something that complex’ has often been the claim directed at many a crop circle. Which is a sad conclusion to come to. Its similar to  going into the Sistine Chapel, pointing at the ceiling and claiming that one man and his team couldn’t do all that. It shows ignorance. It also shows a poor understanding of just what is achievable if someone puts their mind to it.

A few circles have appeared this year to help prove my point. The first is the formation that appeared at Jugglers Lane, nr Yatesbury, Wiltshire.

Man-made formation at Jugglers Lane, nr Yatesbury, WIltshire

Once the initial excitement had died down, it soon emerged that this was a formation created by students of a Maths and Arts education programme called ‘Measuring the Land’. This wonderful formation was created by people who had never made a crop circle before. Let us repeat that phrase so it sinks in fully.  This wonderful formation was created by people who had never made a crop circle before. Look at the pictures below just to see how pristine this formation is. Look how fantastic the lay of the crop is. Look how precise everything is. Yet, this was done by people who had never made a formation before with a little guidance from someone who had. If the fact that it was part of an education programme had not been revealed, people would lay claim it was a ‘genuine’, paranormally based crop circle, when the reality is different.

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8 thoughts on “Crop Circles and the myth of complexity #1

  1. Very good points and an outstanding formation from a bunch of newbies!
    But I may as well ask before some fundamentalist croppie does:
    Did they make it in the dark in half an hour?

    1. It was made in the daylight, and I believe they had plenty of time to finish it. But I don’t think that detracts from the points that people with enough practice can produce beautiful formations under the cover of darkness and in just a few hours.

  2. Andy,

    Do you know anything about the making of this particular formation?

    Last night on the Coast to Coast radio program, I heard Linda Moulton Howe interview Charles Mallett about this particular crop circle that appeared during the morning of June 26, 2012 at Knoll Down near Beckhampton in Wiltshire.

    Here is her quote about the two unexplained mysteries:
    [1] It was not there at 9:30 AM, but it was there by 11:00 AM
    [2] The barley plants had no broken nodes and complicated layering and weaving

    “Videotape from airplanes proves that the pattern was not there in the early morning and only appeared in late morning. As soon as it was reported by a pilot who had made several trips over the same field that morning when it was not there, Charles Mallett realized the circles had to have formed in daylight. He went as soon as he could to the site and found re-oriented growth nodes all through the barley pattern — a truly anomalous biochemical and biophysical change that has been associated only with formations made by something in the unseen.”

  3. A lot of people have been looking at the tape and believe the formation IS visible, because it was a small circle and close to the edge of the field many believe it was ‘missed’ first time around. As for the layering, some very complex layering has been seen this year (and in previous years), so personally that doesn’t say much to me, I will try and get a copy of the tape and maybe some frame grabs and people can judge for themselves…

  4. What is the motivation of so much people to do this; who are the other pranksters? Claiming all crop circles are man made requires the names of the authors. And why the debunking masters do not organize an experiment? What is common between phototropism and the specific changed nodes? What about the stems lying not damaged at 90 deg – the prankster was a perfect salsa dancer? What about the intricate stems? And so on. Not aliens; Uri Geller phenomenon is closed to the explanation.

    1. The motivation is art and creating a space to give others an experience. Claiming all crop circles are man-made does not require the names of the authors, it is based on evidence. Experiments have been conducted: Rupert Sheldrake organised the first, there have been others and now the ill-fated Crop Circle Challenge. If you google phototropism it will explain all. Stems lying not damaged at 90 degrees, send me some examples and I will explain. Humans are very creative, just because you don’t understand how something can be done doesn’t mean it can’t be done. This has absolutely nothing to do with Uri Geller.

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