Crop Circles and the myth of complexity #2

As in my previous posting on the issue, it is pure ignorance to suggest that complex formations are not capable by humans. Here is another example of such a complex circle that was the work of humans…

The intricate Cheesefoot Head crop circle

Again, note the complexity, check out the lay of the crop. People.

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2 thoughts on “Crop Circles and the myth of complexity #2

  1. Andy,

    This one is creating quite a buzz in the “silly season,” so can you identify the humans who made this formation and how they did it?


    1. Yes and yes.

      The people who made this circle are very experienced and have been doing this for a very long time and are quite famous in this field (excuse the un-intentional pun). They are usually quite quiet but always become quite vocal when they have produced some new circles. You’ll need to connect the dots as the libel laws are really tough in the UK. However, a little digging should get you the explicit answers.

      As for its construction, its the usual, tape, boards and ingenuity. These guys have used pre-formed plastic shapes in the past, so I expect some device was used. There are mistakes in it and it does look rougher in certain areas, but it is an amazing piece of man-made art.

      In fact, it has been quite a summer for commissioned artwork, with the Ministry of Sound logo recently appearing…

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