Crop Circles… in Stages

Sometimes… Crop Circles appear in stages. Part of the design is completed. People discover it. Then lo and behold it is finished/added to. Usually the following night. Now, to the crop circle fundamentalists, this causes a problem. Why would a paranormal force, be it aliens, fairies, Mother Earth or Uncle Tom Cobbley need two nights to finish this creation? Surely, ‘they’ would have just laid it down. We often hear stories of people claiming that a formation laid itself down within seconds etc. So why several nights? Of course they have an answer. Usually something along the lines of the first phase held a message, then the final phase completed the overall message. Other things such as – we needed to understand this before we could comprehend that etc etc etc

This formation was made over two nights…

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This year, there was a formation that was added to in three phases, not altering the design but designs being ‘bolted-on’ to the original.

It appeared at Stanton St. Bernard, nr Devizes. First there was the main design, then someone added a little diamond shape to it, then someone added the big circle.

Stanton St. Bernard Part 1
Stanton St. Bernard Part 2

All images (C) Steve Alexander –

As ever, make of it what you will…


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