The Crop Circle Challenge

Milk Hill ‘Galaxy’ Formation

I had deliberately avoided this issue, as it really is complete and utter bilge. However, some people continue to get their knickers in a twist about it… So here we go…

A little while back, a website appeared throwing down a challenge to would-be circle makers of the human variety. Claiming to originate from a group calling themselves ‘EHA’, they are offering £100,000 to the circle makers who could recreate the famous Milk Hill ‘Galaxy’ formation. All 409 circles of it.

However, as is usually the case with these things, the stipulations that were part of the deal were slightly unrealistic…

So, whoever takes this challenge on must first submit a CV of their circling activities AND a video to show their competence. Well, firstly very few circles are actually filmed for all the obvious reasons, but for those who are having difficulty it’s basically a self-confession to criminal damage. The EHA group will review the video evidence and if they feel the work in the video isn’t up to scratch then the evidence will be published on their website for all to see.

Next the exact weather conditions must be met. The night this formation appeared was apparently a really wet, rain-soaked night. Yet, there were no footprints were found! So no footprints this time. The reason there were no muddy footprints is because once you lay the crop down, it acts as a carpet protecting you from the soil below. I have been in many a rain sodden field and there is never a muddy footprint in the formation.

So, the weather conditions must also be the same. Namely, rain. But if it doesn’t rain then the organisers suggest soaking the field with a water cannon! In fact, the organisers insist that the soil must be soaked “at least one foot deep”. Really? Do these people  actually have ideas of water tables, soil absorption etc?

Also, there must be no broken stems. There is this myth (and it is a myth, passed from armchair croppie to armchair croppie who never actually go to crop circles) that there were no broken stems within this formation. Which is nonsense. There were broken stems. I know, I saw them. In fact there are many myths associated with this formation. Allegedly there were significant radiation levels within the centre circle, but everyone I have spoken to cannot actually tell me what these levels were, who took the readings blah blah blah it’s just another day in crop circle ignorance.

I could go on, but as you can see, it is just absolutely nonsense. Now, whether this was a clumsy attempt at circle maker baiting or a serious challenge is up to you. But who is actually behind this?

Well googling the EHA group brings nothing, Sarah Miles (former Hollywood actress and self-confessed urine drinker, who was also held by police in connection with a murder/suicide situation in her own hotel room) has added her voice to this, but other than that, nothing. So, checking on who registered the domain name gives us someone called ‘Janez Ferjancic’. Again, not a lot about this person exists online. The only regular reference between this name and crop circles is an interview with Benjamin Creme he conducted, Benjemin is a spokesperson for the Maitreya organisation. Janez has wrote several articles for ‘Share International’ which is the magazine for Maitreya and his activities, mainly writing about ‘space brothers’.

Creme believes that crop circles are evidence of ‘space brothers’ who are helping humanity   “[The crop circles are part of] a new science that will give us energy directly from the sun. Oil will become a thing of the past. No one will be able to sell energy in the future” he also stated that “The crop circles are there to draw attention to the fact that the  Space Brothers are there. They are amazing constructions. They are made in seconds by the ‘ships’ of the Space Brothers. They are complex and beautiful constructions which cannot be made in any other way. They appear all over the world but the majority are in the south of England. Why? Because Maitreya is in London.” So are these the people behind the crop circle challenge?

However this all plays out, it will prove nothing. For if no-one re-produces the formation, it doesn’t prove the original was paranormal in origin.

Whenever photos of the Galaxy are re-produced they usually use the same picture, just like the one at the top of the page. However, in the picture below, a very evident construction line is seen arcing through one of the arms of the formation. (It is the slightly brighter line). IF this was made by paranormal means, then why is there a construction line there? Construction lines are used by human circle makers to make crop circles. So, maybe answer that before we start on any bigger challenges.

Bottom right image shows the a very evident construction line

And if you want to enter the challenge, here it is


8 thoughts on “The Crop Circle Challenge

  1. Andy,

    Great work sleuthing out the Benjamin Creme connection. But let’s not forget Suzanne Taylor. I was reading Update #4 on the CC Challenge website and halfway down Suzanne was mentioned.

    Update No. 2 (22. 7. 2012)

    We’ve received lovely letters of support from Richard K. O’Connor, director of Crop Circles Research Foundation, and Suzanne Taylor, producer/director of What on earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery.

    Thanks a lot! Things like that make your day. Little things from big hearts..

    1. Yes, if you do enough googling you can find a few pages where she comes across as sympathetic to the whole maitreya/space brothers thing, but I think if there were two guys having a chat in the pub about crop circles she’d have to butt in just to get her face in the conversation, maybe push a DVD or two…

      The people and motivation behind this are interesting me at the moment. I shall keep digging away, you never know what you might find…

  2. Andy,

    I went to Lady Sarah’s website today and she has a Countdown Clock ticking away the milliseconds to the challenge deadline. At this rate, it looks like the witching hour will be the stroke of midnight, your time in the UK, on September 1. What is the significance of that date?

    I wonder if it has significance for Benjamin Creme and his Maitreya crowd.

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