Crop Circle History: Ripe for historical revisionism #1

“Those who tell the stories also hold the power” – Plato.

A book is in the process of being unleashed on the crop circle world. “Crop Circles: An Open Case” by Elisabeth Zollinger is doing a sterling job of revising crop circle history for the betterment of the authors pocket and for the crop circle believers. While there are many books probably doing this, this one seems to not only be revising history but takes the facts presented by pro-paranormal crop circle believers/researchers at face value with absolutely no attempt to verify the claims.

So, firstly Elisabeth makes quite a big deal about Andrew Buckley. Now, Mr. Buckley, is my opinion nothing more than a fantasist. He makes a lot of claims in this book that are purely fabrications. Now, Buckley talks about evidence whilst providing none himself. Circlemakers are expected to provide evidence of their activities but he can not provide evidence of his claims, but he and Zollinger expects the reader to accept them as true. So here is a good example. On page 131, Buckley states “None of the hoax-claimants ever provide any convincing evidence to support their claims” (which isn’t true, but that is for another posting). All this from a man who claims that a black helicopter flew over his head, sprayed some form of chemical from its under-side to form a crop circle, and then Buckley experienced some missing-time. Cue X-files music. All with zero evidence other than this story which he expects us to accept as true.

Buckley also states on the same page that “It is inconceivable, and way beyond chance to accept that following over thirty years of crop circle ‘activity’ there has only be one proven arrest… Logically, given the high risk involved in illegally constructing crop formations there should have been literally hundreds of arrests over the years.” Really? Do you want a minute to think about that Mr. Buckley? Given the amounts of fields in this fair land of ours, given the amount of days available per growing season to make circles, given the odds of someone being in the same location at night as some circlemakers, it is highly unlikely that someone would be caught let alone arrested. Its simple statistics! The odds of being caught must be astronomical!

On the matter of the only UK based arrest of a circlemaker, namely Matthew Williams, Buckley claims “There is evidence to suggest that even this one case was little more than a publicity stunt”. Oh, and where is such evidence? Nowhere to be found! Don’t you remember, that you, dear reader, have to provide evidence to your claims but Buckley does not and Zollinger seems happy to accept such claims at face value. The fact is, Williams got arrested due to photographs of him making a circle, he wasn’t caught in the act of making a circle. Michael Glickman claimed a circle containing seven-fold geometry couldn’t be created by human circlemakers. So, Matthew arranged to make one, test Glickman to see if he would claim it was aliens etc etc  and then Matthew would show the photos he had given to Whitley Streiber as evidence. Streiber was meant to be the ‘honest broker’ in this challenge. But Streiber sent Glickman the photo’s upon receiving them and Glickman gave them to the police and the rest is history m’lord. That doesn’t sound like much of a publicity stunt to me! Police raiding your house, a criminal record and a £400 fine. What a publicity stunt!

Now, Buckley claims that an organisation called CropWatch UK is carrying out surveillance to draw out hoaxers. In fact, there is no organisation called CropWatch UK, it is just Buckley. It exists in Buckleys head. Buckley claims that CropWatch UK (I can’t even type it and keep a straight face) have evidence of individuals hanging about fields at night, vandalising crops and damaging crop circles. He knows who they are and he’s told the police! To date, the Police have taken no action. Which means there wasn’t enough evidence of a crime being committed or its just a load of Buckley Bullshit. My bet is the latter.

Then comes the final straw. The East Field incident of 2010. Buckley and Zollinger claim that it wasn’t man-made. Cosmic Dave took photo’s of the formation being made. I saw the pictures the next morning. Go to Daves website, its all there! Buckley can deny them as much as possible, he can call it anyway he wants, but the pictures show people in the circle at the dead of night, making the crop circle. Or, are you Buckley, like the American tourist who tried to tell me “It is genuine, what happens is that the helicopters you see at night, they can detect when a crop circle is going to be made. Then, when they see the formation appear, they contact some hoaxers who come along and stomp all over the formation to damage it and make you think it is man-made” (I won’t even tell you what researcher implanted that little nugget into their susceptible little American heads).

People can make whatever claims they want, but evidence is required. You can’t whinge about a lack of evidence from certain people but not provide any evidence yourself. You can’t twist the facts and not expect a little blowback. The danger is that revising history only serves to muddy the waters for those that come behind you, people who might actually want an unfiltered version of the truth, free of prejudice and agenda. The book seems purely designed for the pro-paranormal believers and is not an attempt at an objective consideration of the facts. As the well-worn statement claims “Those who control the past, control the present and thus control the future” –  so maybe we’re seeing an attempt to re-invigorate the paranormal theory for the origin of crop circles. Or maybe we’re just seeing another “researcher” (and I use the term very loosely in Zollingers case) preaching to the choir…

More revisionism soon…


2 thoughts on “Crop Circle History: Ripe for historical revisionism #1

  1. Andy,

    Thanks for this info. Had not heard of Zollinger nor Buckley before. But as soon as I went a-searching for them on Google, I immediately come across this site which really takes Ms. Zollinger to task, and even copies pages from her book.

    And as an added bonus, down at the bottom, Colin Andrews is mentioned and insulted as the leading figure of “Unprofessional Behaviour” in the world of crop circles.

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