Robbert van den Broeke: Now Paul Vigays Family Speak Out

Without wanting to continue this pathetic saga much further, I am just posting this link containing a statement from the Vigay family regarding Robbert van den Broeke and his alleged claims. Curious how silent Robbert and his supporters/mouthpieces are regarding all of this, but then again, what could they really say now? I guess ‘Sorry’ would be an excellent starting point.


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  1. Hello everybody involved and interested. I am a dutch guy who firmly believes in Robbert’s authenticity and/or genuinity. Therefore I am currently translating his website into english, to help him out. I have never met Robbert in person, but do have contact via the web with Stan, his best friend, who is handling the website and YT account for him . I have followed Robbert from the beginning, now some 12 years ago. If any of you believes in mediumship being real (forgive me for my basic english), then I can assure you that Robbert is among the ‘best’. I do not expect anyone to take my word for it, just hope to open some minds. Robbert has continiously proved that. Both in private as a professional medium, as well as on different TV shows. He receives his information in different ways. Sometimes as direct knowledge, sometimes in a vision. In the latter,he sees before his inner eye information being displayed. This display has its origin sometimes from the internet, just as with many of his photos, or recently, videos. If the original contains a misspelling, then Robbert will perceive it as such. This has caused a lot of commotion in this country, the sceptics were eager to jump on him and dismiss it all. And Andy, the owner of this website, unfortunately did not investigate further then the headlines from dutch newspapers. So to speak. I think Andy does great work regarding man made crop circles, but I assume he believes all crop circles are ‘hoaxes’. If not, I apologize. The sloppy nature of, mainly, the grass circles around Robbert, as well as the fact that he knows in advance how they will look like and where they will emerge also of course is a main reason to distrust Robbert as far as many people are concerned. The fact that Nancy Talbott together with Robbert witnessed in a spectacular display how a circle was formed, must be a lie, easy as that. Really? Wait and see, people, that is all I am asking. You will not be disappointed. Evidence will be provided, one way or the other. Many more people will be able to witness such a happening in the coming years.

    A little more about the anomalous photos. Not all of those photos are traceable on the web. Many photos of diseased relatives of people visiting Robbert excist only in private ownership. So,these photos are mainly duplicates of already existing photos. How they do get into any camera used by Robbert is a mystery. Robbert has an explanation: They come from the etherical, the blueprint of matter, the akashic records. He knows he is being used by ‘above’, as he sometimes calls it. He feels that it is his obligation to share what is happening to him. It is a very difficult task, as you can imagine. He sometimes suffers a lot, because of it. Because of the scepticism or the negativity he has to endure. He does understand people having doubts, though. That is why he is almost begging for a thorough scientific investigation. Nancy Talbott is already investigating him for more then 12 years or so. You may think of her what you want, but if you think she would risk her career for the sake of a hoaxer, think again. Other researchers will follow, give it some time.

    Now I know there are some very understandable issues concerning family members of the people who’s images showed up in Robbert’s videos and photos. I agree that we face an undesirable situation. Things could have done better, by everybody involved. If people would all just relax a little, satisfying solutions will be provided. In my personal opinion, it is unfortunate how things evolved from the beginning. As far as I know, nobody contacted Robbert directly via his website. Instead, as I understand it, it was chosen for, to approach via Colin Andrew’s website. And Colin has his issues with Nancy, so there you go. My question to all of the family members would be, have any of you approached Robbert or Nancy directly? I don’t know, so that is why I ask. I am writing this email on my own behalf, so I cannot speak for Robbert, but knowing his loving nature, I am sure that he regrets your feelings being hurt. Mine would be too, believe me. He however does not read anything on Colin’s website. The tone was too negative to begin with, although understandeble to a certain extent. The unnecessary mentioning that Nancy Talbott had been wrong before, didn’t help either in my opinion, be it true or untrue.
    At the moment, Robbert suffers from depression. He is unable to be there for you, the way he would want to. He is growing as a human being, just left his elderly home a year ago or so. He is now longing for personal happyness. He needs someone to love, please consider that fact. He has been ‘alone’ untill now, helping others however as a medium. Also,tTrying to share his gifts with the world. Ridicule and misunderstanding has been his reward so far as far as that is concerned He is different then most of us, a true child of the heart. Not very good in communicating if approached in the wrong way, like all too sceptic and closed minded. A legacy from his very difficult youth.
    So again, people, give him just a little more time. Don’t be too dismissive. I am sure you have tons of questions. One more week or so, and I will be happy to answer some of them. Because then I will have finished the translations. It will not be all too perfect english, but good enough for you to understand more about Robbert’s nature and intentions. And the things happening to him. Have a little faith! There really is something extraordinary going on, something wonderful even. I know it sounds hard to believe. If you would just remain open to the possibility that it might all be true. Yes, even the messages from the “death”, although some are the cause for misunderstanding and understood in the wrong manner. Then at least I have achieved something, writing this email.

    1. In response to your comment:

      With all due respect, I think Robbert/Nancy should be the ones explaining what is going on. Some publicity website doesn’t really prove anything.

      Secondly, I am currently researching how to re-create these photos/videos, and I am not using newspaper headlines for my content, I am simply looking mainly at the claims being made by Robbert/Nancy themselves.

      Robbert detects mis-spelling from the internet? Honestly, I’ve been around the block, this is absolute nonsense.

      Things could have been done better by everybody involved? No. Things could have been done better by Robbert/Nancy. End of story. Pure sensationalism on their part. As soon as Colin starts to investigate, then comes a veiled death threat. How convenient! Doesn’t read Colins website? Then who is telling Robbert what is going on because he certainly seems to know.

      I don’t particularly want you to answer questions. No disrespect to you, but you run a website, you are now their spokesman? Robbert/Nancy need to actually speak for themselves. Since this little mess Robbert has got himself into they seem very quiet all of a sudden.

      For me, the guy is a fraud, a disgrace, who has got caught out too many times. He is depressed? Sad for him but of no concern as to what is going on and the hurt he has caused all these families.

      The guy is begging for some scientific investigation? I know many serious investigators more than willing to scientifically investigate Robberts claims. Let me know and I will gladly put you in touch for some thorough testing. It’s a serious offer. Although I bet he won’t accept…

      1. Hello Andy
        Thank you for your respectful reply. My letter was more or less meant to reassure certain people, that Robbert is not the kind of guy they take him for. From a distance, not being able to understand Dutch, it must be difficult to form an opinion for them. If Robbert would have been a russian guy e.g., I too would have my doubts, probably. You say you think Robbert/Nancy should be the ones explaining. Nancy does so on her own website, doesn’t she? I am
        still curious about if she has been contacted by any of the family
        members. But I know for a fact, that no-one contacted Robbert. Why not? If they would do so, in a respectful manner, I can hereby confirm, that they will get the attention they are seeking for. The contact button features prominent on his website.
        Apart from that, let me discuss some logic with you. You say that some publicity website doesn’t proof anything. With all due respect, neither does your website. And Robbert’s website is not meant for proof, it is meant to share. Proof will have to come from other sources.
        You say that you are currently researching how to recreate these photos/videos. You mean with photoshop? That shouldn’t be all to difficult, regarding certain photos. Try reproducing them with several people around you, with their cameras. You know Dr. Roll had a close look. Although he never made an official statement, he didn’t mind being photographed with Nancy and Robbert. With a smile on his face. That should tell you something. The poor man died not long thereafter. He had most certainly other things on his mind than publishing.
        You look mainly at the claimes made by Robbert/Nancy?
        Sorry, but no you are NOT looking at the claims, you are researching how they MAY have been faked. It’s rather like somebody thinking they find a way to duplicate a dollar bill so they assume all dollar bills are counterfeit.
        I know you have been around the block, this is why I take you seriously. I am therefore trying to open your mind a little. Robbert is extremly special. A ‘child’ of this time and the times ahead. You cannot compare him to anything you know. His mis-spelling detected from the internet absolut nonsense? How do you know how things could work within the psychic world. Do you know how remote viewing works? The list of unexplainanble phenomena is long.

        I said things could have been done better by anyone involved. A honest statement. You disagree. Calling it all pure sensationalism on their part. Well, if it’s sensational to tell of events as they happen and publish them on their website – then it is sensationalism. These events are sensational, Nancy has said so, and admitted she has had great difficulty in accepting them herself. But the evidence kept building up until she had to admit this phenomana was happening.
        You said: As soon as Colin starts to investigate, then comes a veiled death threat. How convenient. Well Andy, it wasn’t a death threat, it was a health warning, as later translations made clear. Even Colin now accepts this and calls it a ‘warning’ not a threat. I love Colin btw, he is one of my all time heroes, no matter what. Sure, I am disappointed by some of his proceedings. I have tried to inform him to the best of my ability. He should be and will be, hopefully, part of the ‘action’ some day. In fact, he already is, but as of yet not in the way it should be. Complicated issues stand in the way for now.
        How does Robbert know what is going on on Colin’s website? I think if you think about it a little longer, it shouldn’t be hard to guess that. Certain people including me perhaps? Apart from that, Robbert senses a lot.
        No, I do not ‘run’ their website, nor am I their spokesman. I am just expressing my opinion as an individual who has knowledge of Robbert and the happenings around him. I do some translation from Dutch into English as a favor. I certainly don’t get paid.
        How Nancy should proceed, I leave to her. Robbert could have been and should have been approached directly by the upset family members. This is my personal opinion. How on earth should he know how to contact them? Again, my opinion.
        You say: For me, the guy is a fraud, a disgrace, who has caught out too many times. Would you like to document the times he has ‘got caught out’ – apart from the spelling incident we discussed above?
        Yes, he is depressed. Nice of you to say: sad for him. Too bad you think it is not relevant however. Depression is of great relevance to what is going on. Can you imagine what it is like for a person who believes completely in their own honesty but people assume you are a fraud? Yes, in retrospect, it might have been advisable to contact the families involved. But it’s my understanding that he was so delighted to have made the after – death contact that he assumed the relatives would be equally delighted. This happened to him you see, he did not ask for it. And again, he is not hiding, he has a website with contact button, if approached normally, he is there for you. Dismiss everything on forehand and call him a fraud – he will crumble. He is very sensitive. And he really is of a very sweet nature. Kind and gentle.
        Yes Andy. He is begging for scientific investigation. For years and years already. That’s why he treasures Nancy so much. In this country, science is hiding in the dark. Why? Preassumptions only? Afraid of the scientific model turning upside down? I don’t know, maybe you can tell me.
        There is however some progress being made at the moment with a certain well-known investigator. It seems that he is willing, so we have to wait for it to be confirmed. With we I mean you and I. Should it fail for whatever reason, I would be glad for you to pass on the details and send them to Robbert. But I would like to think that any investigator keep an open mind and not decide in advance – as you have done – that he is a fraud. That is not real science. Bear in mind that the more authority this scientist holds, the better. I hope this is proper english.

        For now, friendly greetings. Seriously.

      2. Lets take this from the top:

        Firstly, my blog sets out to prove nothing. It simply reflects my opinion. I put my point of view forward, if people agree, they agree. If they don’t, they don’t.

        I wouldn’t attempt to use photoshop to duplicate these photos. I know how Robbert does it, and I will replicate his efforts here for people to consider. Your comments about Dr. Roll are nothing more than commentary.

        But what is Robbert claiming? That he can contact the dead? Big deal. People have been doing for centuries. What makes Robbert any different from any other medium? Death threat, health warning. Whatever. We quibble over semantics.

        I have met many credible psychics and mediums, I know themechanics involved here. Yes, I am aware of remote viewing and a fact not known by many is that I have been quite accurate in remote viewing in the past. It is a skill many, many people have developed. I fail to see how Robbert is any different to the many, many mediums/psychics out there. His claims are the usual psuedo-New Age banter that many spout forth.

        Well, I could document his failings, that is for another post maybe, but I am not alone in having a catalogue of his errors.

        It is for the family to act however they feel best, and I agree that a public airing of their views is appropriate. Robbert wants to everyone to know when he makes contact with someone with his pictures and videos, yet doesn’t want the public scrutiny when people become upset by his actions. He suffers from depression? Millions do. He is sensitive. So are millions.

        Nancy is not a scientist. Her reports of Robbert are nothing more than hearsay because the evidence is not verifiable. There is no scientific protocol.

        The bottom line is that if you and the rest of the world believe Robbert is genuine then that is great. I wish you every success. I disagree based on what little evidence there is. There are aspects of the paranormal I believe in based on first-hand experience and good evidence. I don’t try to convince others. Here is my opinion, you agree, then you agree. If you disagree, you disagree. I won’t lose sleep over it.

  2. Enrico, perhaps you can answer why Robbert and Nancy Talbott never saw fit to pre-warn/ask permission from the families involved before publishing the offending material and then defended the choice to do so in such a belligerent manner? There is no excuse for this, apart from of course to avoid the obvious and probable outcome of being denied permission.

    Allow me to remind you what Nancy had to say about those who found hers, Suzanne Taylor’s and Robbert’s actions just ever so slightly distasteful:

    ““When you stand up publicly for what you believe is the truth–as you did in this case (and which you chose to do on your own based on what I see as solid reasons for your trust)–this is the kind of baloney you ALWAYS get if the facts themselves are

    (a) beyond some of your readers’ capabilities to grasp, or
    (b) the truth scares them,
    (c) they’re mentally impaired, or finally
    (d) they’re debunkers. ”

    a and c hardly smack of the love and compassion that Robbert is ulitmately trying to convey to the world now do they Enrico? Are you sure this is the hostile, intolerant change in the world that you’re trying so hard to be associated with?

    From a legal point of view, I’d love to know where does this whole mess sit on the question of copyright, if at all? Should Robbert not have asked permission from the owners of the pre-existing material before publishing it as his own, especially as he and and Enrico now openly admit that the images are taken from books and films and sites on the internet?

    If Robbert is as genuine and eager to prove his authenticity as claimed by Enrico, then perhaps it would be in his best interests to address that issue before being asked to do so court of law.

    But let’s be fair, we all know Robbert and Nancy are a pair of lying sacks of shit who should never have been granted as much airtime as they already have. His best defence so far comes from a guy who can assure us that Robbert is among the best in the world of mediums, but alas, he has never met him.

    It just keeps getting better. Perhaps what Robbert really needs now is divine intervention – and I would fully expect it to resemble Michaelangelo’s Creation of Adam and no less.

    1. Hello Andy
      First I would like to thank you for allowing me to use your blog as a platform to share some of my thoughts. I am glad that it can be read on Colin’s website also, assuring me that all of the family members are aware of what I have to say. To them I would like to say: I feel for you, understand your concerns and like you, I am not happy with how things have evolved so far. My initial reaction on Andy’s blog was a spontanious one, driven by the fact that I can place myself in your position. I too would have been ‘not amused’, seeing someone
      very dear to me who has deceased, suddenly show up in some video placed on the internet. And whereby it is claimed that some message also is given. Today I seem to struggle somewhat with my english, please forgive me. So, I do this for you, the family members, not to defend Robbert, but to reach out to you. Totally on my own behalf. Without asking permission from anyone.
      Therefore, to a certain extent, I can understand Andy also, his outrage towards Robbert regarding Robbert being silent to you so far. I want to make a promise to you, right here and now, that I will stimulate Robbert, to convey some kind of message to you. I already told you however, that you are welcome to contact him via his website. Bear in mind please, that whatever you have seen, the videos, the photograps of your diceased loved ones, are authentic. You don’t have to take my word for it, most certainly not, but going hard on him, or dismissive, will lead to nothing. Give him the change to proof to you his psychic abilities. Proof of the photos emerging how they do, will have to come from scientific research, as far as you are concerned, living far away from him.
      Before I get to you, Andy, I would like to say something about Colin if you don’t mind. It indeed is absolutely true, that Colin made several attemps to contact Robbert via me. I contacted Colin some time ago, after I saw what had appeared on his website concerning Robbert. This too all very spontanious. I had discovered his website by accident, after I did some ‘research’ into the strange radar patterns showing up in Australia. You see, I had lost all interest in the crop circle phenomenon long before, because of the many hoaxes involved. My main interest lies in UFO’s and spiritual matters, well, probably my greatest interest concerns us humans, as we evolve spiritually. I have had an out of body experience as a child, which took all kinds of fears away from me, and made me realize that we live in a creation, not an accidental universe. Anyway, Colin is and was a very nice person to have contact with via email. I was shocked by what I saw being displayed on his website about Robbert. I thought OMG Colin, you got it all wrong. Colin apparently had no idea, just as Pat’s family, with whom he was dealing with, so to speak

      Robbert had shown the most wondrous kind of things on Dutch TV. Better then Uri Geller has ever done by making forks bend and broken clocks tick again at peoples homes. Robbert spoke with a much more loving voice and demonstrated his psychic abilities time and time again. Some of it can be found on You tube, all in Dutch unfortunately, but someday soon it will be translated with a voice-over in English on Robbert’s website. So, Robbert demonstrated already years ago that he was more then ‘just ‘a medium. He is very special indeed. The nature of his abilities was demonstrated by the effects it had on people at home. Many started crying for no reason, letting go of all kind of fears. This happened after he concentrated for 10 min. on the loving force of creation, on TV. It was told to him to do so by ‘above’, as he calls it. I am not making this up.
      Something happened regarding the ‘famous’ mis-spelling incident, and the press was eager to jump on him and ‘burn him down’. Such was the force of this, that Robbert almost completely broke to pieces mentally (this had to do with his experiences during his childhood, where he was also misunderstood and placed in a ‘special institute’, a trauma for him). I have seen him on TV shortly after the press-hype, sitting next to his father, who defended him. I can assure you, it was not a beautiful sight. Robbert himself was unable to speak. With the help from ‘above’ as well as family and friends, he regained his self confidence.
      I am not telling you this to feel sorry for him, just to inform you of certain things. Robbert IS special and yes, he IS vulnerable. He is not a ‘normal’ medium, he has many special abilities, his photos and videos Are real, so are the crop circles around him. Don’t take my word for it, wait and see. Something bigger then all of us is going on.
      Of course, Colin had no way of knowing this. Many of the things I claim here, still need to be verified as far as he is concerned of course. His trust in Nancy’s research was zero, appearantly. A full blown attack followed. Based on misconception. All very unfortunate. Others joined in. A very negative atmosphere on the website regarding Robbert originated. And seems to exist till this day. Robbert seemed to strike back. but he didn’t. He just ignores out of self-protection. Photos of deceased friends appear with accompanying message. It was told to Robbert, that he had to publish it. It wasn’t his choice in this case.
      Meanwhile, Colin did his best to contact Robbert. But because of the fact, that the overall negativity remained on his website, plus the fact that Colin is convinced that Robbert’s circles are fake, obvious poor hoaxes, childplay, this I believe is the reason for Robbert not accepting Colin’s outstretched hand as of yet.

      The families also meanwhile approached with made up minds. I can understand that, but you can contact Robbert on his website as I said. Without you realizing, Robbert and Nancy are putting every effort in finding the right scientists to examine Robbert regarding the photos and videos. This seems to be much more difficult then you might expect.

      Robbert is already examined by two Dutch scientists. Strangly, they refuse to come out in the open with their findings, be it positive or negative. Dr. Roll also made no statement in that same respect, I told you my take on why.

      There is much more I should cover here, for now I will end this clarification. The investigation initiated by Colin is coming soon, and Andy is going to show us how Robbert ‘does it’. Plus some more as he promised.

      I hope again that some reassurance is provided. It will all work out fine in the end, nobody will be excluded. My english is very basic, at times I may sound like a very naive person to you. I am not however. I don’t like people who deceive others. I do not like to be fooled and I do not like to fool others. I always look for small details that could indicate fraud. I like nothing but the truth and truth only. Some things about Robbert I wish would have been differently. I can understand him however, knowing his background, as much as I can understand the sceptisism, or the hurt feelings of the family members involved.

      Andy, It seems I totally neglected you, sorry about that. But I’m sure you understand, being just as concerned with the family members as I am.

  3. Anastasio
    I have followed this saga pretty closely from the start so please allow me to chip in with a few thoughts on your posting and on Enrico’s.

    Anastasio, you ask why Robbert or Nancy never saw fit to prewarn before publishing etc.

    I venture to suggest it was probably because of their total belief in their other worldly contacts – worryingly reminicent of a religious cult with some Truth which it believes must be sent out into the world at all costs.

    And if you think like this you also probably believe that it’s not possible for anyone – least of all surviving family members – to be other than grateful that their loved ones have survived and are messaging you.

    Your 4th point highlighting Nancy’s seeming contempt for people who may not accept her Truth – strongly backs up her and Robbert’s blind adherance to the validity of the phenomena and its deeper purpose.

    Your legal point of whether republication of photos can loophole the law because it wasn’t humans but spirits which did the reproducing, is a fascinating one which I leave to the lawyers to thrash out.

    I do object though to your school playground insulting descriptions of Robbert and Nancy – as far as I can see there is little proof of lying with either at this stage, so how about keeping this discussion evidence based?

    Yes it’s a pity Robbert and Nancy’s silence has left Enrico – who has never met them – as their lone voice defence.

    But one can have a meaningful and informative relationship with people these days without meeting them in the flesh, so I urge readers here not to dismiss Enrico’s considered opinions.

    Which brings me to Enrico’s take on all this.

    I will declare an interest here and state that I have been in touch with Enrico over this controversy and fully respect him as a person who values truth and kindness.


    I really welcome your assurance that you will do your best to persuade Nancy, Stan and Robbert to finally emerge from the shadows and make some statements about all this. It surely is about time we heard from them – especially in view of the distress expressed by the families.

    But I must pick you up on one of your statements in your last response here.

    You write: “Photos of deceased friends appear with accompanying message. It was told to Robbert, that he had to publish it. It wasn’t his choice in this case.”

    Can you not see how close this is to the ‘cult’ scenario mention to Anastasio above? Messages come from ‘beyond’ with an order no less, to publish regardless of what you think or feel?

    In my view this total adherance and devotion to ‘the leader’ and suspension of personal responsibility is a very dangerous road to go down.

    This reminds me of the famous Trickster element so famous in paranormal lore, where the phenomena feeds seeming truth at the start which begins to distort and finally leaves the followers struggling and lost.

    I really do hope this doesn’t happen in this case.

    For what it’s worth – unlike others writing on this blog – I do believe Robbert appears to have genuine paranormal abilities and I have had enough dealings with Nancy over many years to believe that she is intelligent enough not to have been hoaxed for so long.

    But we must all be very mindful not to be dazzled by fancy phenomena and always equating it with truth.

    It may be – or it may be not.

    The worst thing we could do is blindly accept everything it claims just because it can do a trick or two with photographs.

    Bring on the real scientific investigations! Time will tell where all this leads….

    1. A reply to Dave Haith

      Hello Dave

      Thank you for your take on the whole matter so far. and your kind words. I could keep this a very short reply, repeating the same words as the ones you ended your reply with: Bring on the real scientific investigations! Time will tell where all this leads. Although I already expressed my opinion on the latter.

      Because of the fact that you took the opportunity to reply on
      Anastasio’s questions, I now can give my take on that also. I wasn’t planning to, because it seemed like some kind of rhetorical questioning to me, seeing how drew his own conclusions beforehand.

      First I would like to draw everybody’s attention to the following. You all seem to see Robbert and Nancy as one. This isn’t exactly the case. Robbert has his own issues with Nancy. She published a certain amount of photos on her website, about which Robbert is not happy. He elaborates about this on his own website, soon available in English. It concerns certain photos that according to Robbert are not paranormal in nature. In some cases it is just dust close to the lens, in another case fingers or the back of Robbert’s head. Look at the photo section on Robbert’s website where it says: ‘Foto’s en rapporten op de BLT site’. Some photos show Robbert demonstrating certain abbilities. He does not want these to be published, although real, because he feels that they distract from the more important phenomana. He asked Nancy to remove these, but she refused.

      Which brings me to Nancy. I have never met her or had any contact with her. Allow me to give you all my opinion on her. She obviously seems very stubborn. This is on the one hand a very good thing, on the other hand it can get in the way of things. First, I see it in Nancy’s case as a good thing, because she stubbornly concentrates on the real crop circle phenomenon. This will prove to be very important, I believe. Dave you mention the photos as possibly just a few tricks done by forces who might have a not so desirable intention. The problem is you forget the crop circles. Which all of you consider as fake. Like Colin said: obvious poor hoaxes. Likewise with the photos. Much of them can be found on the internet, so they obviously must be fake.

      Isn’t it a bit too obvious to you all? It is oh so easy to say that everybody who backs Robbert, either as a witness to the forming of a circle, or to the emerging of countless photos, is just lying or plain dumb. Ask Robbert’s parents or sisters, who are very sober people themselves, what they have witnessed either in or around their home (orbs dancing around and/or splashing against the backdoor, leaving the famous white substance). Some of this is featured on Nancy’s website. What Robbert’s mother with friend saw happening near a crop circle one evening, also is no less then sensational. Read all about it on Nancy’s site.

      So if you think all of these people are lying, you might aswell stop reading this. If you think all crop circles are fake, nothing of what is going on will make any sense to you. Why do you think it is exactly deceased crop circle researchers who feature so prominently in some of the photos or videos? (please dear family members, forgive me for taking this to a higher level)

      Do many of you realize, that in the early days of this phenomenon occuring around Robbert,he went together with his father to see what he had seen in a vision. Or with his mother and/ or neighbours.This, after he had spent the whole day at home. There is so much which is documented and testified that many of you don’t know of.

      To me, the UFO phenomenon is very real. So is the multi-dimensional nature of the universe. Remember my OBE. To Robbert, this aspect is the most important for him to communicate. Colin, if you read this, do you really think nowadays that all crop circles are man-made? If not, who makes the real ones? Don’t you see that Robbert provides us through his psychic skills with the opportunity to understand, even to communicate with the makers of these original ones?

      Isn’t the other dimension clearly signalling through Robbert, a guy with the most loving nature. Is it so hard for everybody to imagine that Robbert suffers from the misunderstanding regarding this, despite the continious miracles happening through him? Andy, how do you think ‘pathetic psychic’ came across? Did you have any evidence of that? No offence.

      Isn’t Robbert begging for scientific investigation? What could Robbert say to the family members, don’t worry, I’m real? Again dear people, go to his website, ask for some kind of assurance, should a public message not occur.

      Again, he suffers a lot nowadays, have any of you noticed how his belly has grown? This is often the result of a psychological condition and acts as a kind of protection to the outside world. He suffers from this too, for various obvious reasons.

      After what he had demonstrated in this country and then was mown down, now he has to face the world. If you consider what happend before hand, and if you consider his sincerity, how do you think he must feel now? Robbert needs your help people, not your opposition.

      I am talking to people familiar with other – worldly phenomena, right? Robbert does not focus on you in particular, he focuses on ‘ordinary’ people as well, to take their fear away. The fear of the unknown, the fear of ET’s, be it from this or other dimensions. The fear of “what will happen after I die”. I sense a lot of fear coming even from some of you. Fear of evil spirits or malevolant ET’s. Let’s discuss this later if you like.

      For now I would like to return to Nancy and her ‘stubbornness’. Nancy, should you read this, I must admit that I don’t know anything about the excact nature of the issues between you and Colin. So I cannot judge on that. Would you please consider accepting Colin’s outstretched hand? Or would you at least please join the debate? Let’s discuss all that occured out in the open. You know the ‘other side’ likes you enough to have given you a tremendous display. And I know that you take the messages coming from the deceased crop circle makers seriously. If this infighting that is going on has to be resolved, your cooperation is needed as well. In my honest opinion, mistakes are made on all sides. Everybody who is concerned with the crop circles etc., need to get back together again. Robbert is a shining star meant for all of us, you should know that better then anyone. There is a huge gap between most people and the things Robbert represents. The more people getting involved and backing Robbert, the happier he will become again. Please act before it is too late. I’m sure you know what I mean. And I hope you know and understand that I am doing all I can from my part. To bridge those gaps.

      This is it for now. I do realize that I did not adress Dave’s particular concern. I’ll try not to forget about it, it was a legitimate concern from his point of view. Bye y’all.

    2. David, I reply with good asservation of your history in paranormal journalism and I simultaneously welcome your dualistic attempt at injecting a little impartiality into my cynical bloodstream, but, you must also appreciate that if I am to absorb your supposed magnanimity then we must both first turn a blind eye to your relationship with Nancy and your belief in Robbert’s abilities, for your argument, not completely unlike Enrico’s, sounds decidedly apologetic taken at face value.
      Whether we choose to assimilate Nancy and Robbert with Manson and Bruhner, as you might sell it, or perhaps in a more puerile manner, with two faeces-filled hessian containers, we can both certainly agree that there is something both unappetising and deeply suspicious about the whole saga (in address to your objection, please don’t think I deal such derisive epithets without first giving due consideration as to whom and why the appellation is deserved! Surely not without your due consideration of the feelings of any members of a religious cult who might be reading!)

      To reply to your suggestion, whether you overlooked the rhetoric nature of my question to Enrico, obscured as it was by the tenuous veneer of a genuine inquiry, or you merely opined for the sake of likening Nancy and Robbert to a dangerous cult, your insinuation that they acted the way they did because they had some ‘truth’ is unavoidably accompanied by the proviso that neither of them knew the images were faked; ergo, you imply that the images are possibly genuine. Of course, were you to hit that mouse in your right hand and scroll scroll scroll back up to my comment, you will know (as you did already) that I find this proposition most unacceptable – and of course the idea that they are both completely deluded has already crossed my mind. I prefer to think they are liars rather than mentally impaired.

      Furthermore, to argue the notion that the recipients of the messages (who incidentally, were most definitely not the families of the deceased) would be anything but ‘grateful’ seems a little odd given the objection of the Delgado family after Nancy’s publication of the first ‘encounter’. Why would they do it again David? To two more families no less and knowing that it went down like a fat man carrying an anvil the first time?

      At best I would concede that Nancy is the innocent party in all of this (though I do not give her a pass on her unprofessional, playschool wit aimed at the ‘debunkers’ and the mentally impaired). I’m sure you can agree that in revaluating your argument that intelligence is not always a factor in one’s susceptibility to a good old hoax (though I’m still confused as to why the oh so intelligent Talbott would publish a second set of images knowing the upset it caused the first time).

      That said, it’s hard to fathom how a dessert spoon stuck to Robbert’s head deserves mantle space on the BLT’s wall of fame as proof of a paranormal effect. The mind really does boggle David, I mean, these were the tricks we did as school kids waiting for lunch to arrive. Do I need to wait for evidence that Robbert isn’t using the mysterious phenomena of friction to conclude his head really is magnetic and not full of shit? If I show up at Nancy’s house with a drawer-full of dining implements stuck to my face would she think I was crazy or gifted? What would you think David?

      Your somewhat authoritative (but correct) conceptualisation of a relationship where neither constituent is physically present is of course left up to the participants to decide how much meaning can be derived from such an understanding. It is neither my business nor my inclination to argue against that idea; in fact that is how my own personal relationship stands with some overseas family members these days.
      The point being David, if one of my distant family members were to suddenly proclaim themselves the Son of God then I could not guarantee you with any certitude that they are telling you the truth. Ergo, Enrico’s suspect solicitation, nay, infatuation, nay, obligation to defend Robbert and his authenticity is proof of absolutely nothing bar the above motives.

      Now the families themselves tell us that Robbert’s apparitions sound completely uncharacteristic of their loved ones. Why would you or anyone need to wait for a final report of the investigation to come out to believe them?

  4. Many of Robberts claims involve cameras, and images allegedly from those cameras. From my examination and investigation of all of Robbert’s known claims, I’ve yet to see an image presented that actually came from a camera. All I see are poor quality 0.48 megapixel jpeg image files which contain no valid exif metadata, or jpeg compression algorithms, relating to the camera or its firmware.

    These areas, along with many others will be covered in my report to be released very soon.

  5. David Haith wrote:
    This reminds me of the famous Trickster element so famous in paranormal lore, where the phenomena feeds seeming truth at the start which begins to distort and finally leaves the followers struggling and lost.


    Thank you so much for acknowledging the trickster, because the trickster has been hard at work on this particular paranormal Nancy-Robbert-Colin caper for the last 3 months now! Namely . . . moi!!!

    I am copying for you now the email I sent to Nancy on July 1, 2012, introducing myself as the trickster in my upgraded but of course downgraded modern 3rd Millennial guise. . .

    I am nothing if not. . . the Notself-Self-Appointed Urban Shamanic Dzogchen Buddhistic Wiley Coyote-Trickster-Axolotl whose non-dual motto is “Let Them Eat Chaos.” In short, my spiritual path is that of Dzogchen Sacred Tomfoolery (DST),

    You’ll notice that exactly two weeks after this email was sent to Nancy, Robbert amazingly and mysteriously received in his camera the images of the Joker, or the Court-Jester, an archetypal image of the European trickster — with Robbert interpreting it as the Masque of Colin Andrews.

    See it here on Nancy’s BLT page with her caption:

    A golden “joker’s” mask appeared three times with the explanation to Robbert that people should know laughter is the best antidote for negativity.

    Now what is quite karmicosmicomic for me is that the date of Nancy’s article is my actual birthday, July 13. And if you wish to see an image of me, obviously incognito as trickster, well, Colin has put up a photograph of me right next to him here:

    (This engaging lineup of 5 “mug shots” there indicates that one day both Colin and I will surely appear in Robbert’s camera once we each shuffle off our own respective mortal coils like the 3 fellows on the right have already accomplished — but I’m getting ahead of myself here.)

    And now David, for your enjoyment and edification, may I republish my trickster document for Nancy Talbott, dated July 1, 2012.


    Greetings, Nancy!

    I feel it’s about time I introduced myself to you, given that Suzanne has already copied me on an email to you and I am working on a translation of Rob Nanninga’s Dutch article that brings important biographical information about Robbert to the English speaking world for the first time. When Rob puts it online, I’ll send you the link for your BLT website. It really explains the why but not the how of Robbert’s chosen vocation and the why is my interest in Robbert, not the how.

    My name is Tom Mellett and I am neighbors with Suzanne Taylor here in Los Angeles (hey, 12 miles is just “down the block” in LA). I have degrees in physics and ancient Greek and I also spent 30 years or so immersed in Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy, so I have what I call impressive “corpus callosum credentials” — meaning there’s a lot of cross-traffic in my brain (with the border between hemispheres as well-defended as the nearby Mexico-California border. Almost total amnesty though! ;=))

    I bonded with Suzanne over our mutual opposition to much of the paranoid conspiratorial wackiness in Foster Gamble’s movie THRIVE. We actually met on Muertos’ infamous THRIVE-Debunked site,

    but of course, Suzanne ran into a buzz saw of rabid debunking once she started hawking her own crop circle wares on the THRIVE-debunking blog.

    I want to make it clear to you that I am not a Debunker. Muertos and Rob Nanninga are the experts in that spiritual discipline. Rather I am a Notself-Self-Appointed Urban Shamanic Dzogchen Buddhistic Wiley Coyote-Trickster-Axolotl whose non-dual motto is “Let Them Eat Chaos.” In short, my spiritual path is that of Dzogchen Sacred Tomfoolery (DST), where I strive to keep that balance between opposites in order to get the human psychopter off the ground and flying.

    Here is the reason for my sudden interest in your work. You did not appear on my radar screen, Nancy, until you supported the after-death claims of Robbert. While such support is admirable, it fails to achieve the necessary but not sufficient level of Dzogchen Non-Duality. (But it does manage to completely — and I do mean completely — destroy the scientific credibility of your BLT Institute upon which Foster Gamble builds the entire foundation in his movie THRIVE of his belief in the ET causality of crop circles. But I digress.)

    To put it in more traditional occult terminology, you fail to reckon with the reality of the Threshold (Latin: limen, liminis) whose Guardian demands you acknowledge the crucial “differance” between the world of the Dead and the world of the Living. If you fail to heed the Guardian, then there’s hell to pay, but not to worry because the important lessons to be learned are all jubilantly expressed in the farcical fun-making that you would only expect from a Coyote-Trickster type like me.

    But all this is theoretical so far. Let’s get down to the details, where the devil lurks.

    Here is the real dualistic problem that plagues both you and Suzanne.

    About a week or so ago, I wrote to Suzanne telling her that I was translating the biographical article on Robbert by Rob Nanninga. She sent that message off to you and then she copied me on your reply, which I excerpt here:

    Anything this Tom Mellett gets from the Dutch skeptic Rob Nanninga will be essentially meaningless. Rob is at the forefront of the debunking attacks on R in Holland, has never met Robbert, never asked him a single question, has no first-hand knowledge of R, etc. etc. etc. Tom is wasting his time with Rob if he honestly wants to learn more about Robbert. Of course it may be that what he really wants to learn more about is what the Dutch debunkers say???

    This neatly illustrates your Dzogchen dilemma and failure to overcome duality.

    First of all, why would you judge that the article I am translating by Rob about Robbert’s biography would be meaningless? Since you are so deeply polarized in your singularity, then why not repent and embrace what you loathe and/or fear most? Rob’s article ought to appear on your BLT website as a definitive biography of Robbert.

    Secondly, I marvel at the farcical implications of you condemning Rob Nanninga for never having met Robbert and yet you don’t seem to be equally condemning of yourself for your own failure to contact any member of Pat Delgado’s family, nor has Robbert, nor have you encouraged Robbert to reach out to any member of Pat’s family, not to mention Pat’s best friend Colin Andrews.

    Now the hypocrisy of such a position deserves to be mocked in as farcical a way as possible, but the Dzogchen way would not be to extinguish the hypocrisy. No, it is to keep the hypocrisy and accept it, but merely become the conscious witness to your hypocrisy. Become the best CONSCIOUS hypocrite you can be.

    Once you achieve this state of non-bliss, then you realize that all of us are hypocrites — after all, the word “hypocrites” is simply the Greek word for “actor” — and then you realize the indissolubility of the bond you have with your previous enemies. Namely, that you live and work in mutual symbiosis, much like honeybees and the flowers they pollinate.

    Thus Robbert and his photography are inseparable from his debunkers. Indeed, Robbert’s activities have called into being the very debunking opposition to them just as the debunkers have themselves called forth the activities of Robbert. Do you not believe that we each create our own respective realities?

    You see, the mutual symbiosis is not nectar and honey; rather it is need to scapegoat the opposite and keep on existing in mutual collusion. We have the old saying “One hand scratches the other.” But in this case, each side scapegoats the other. Why it’s nothing short of cosmic co-dependency. The wet-drunk father needs the dry-drunk mother to enable him to go on drinking in order to keep the family together. You know how it works.

    OK. Lecture’s over. Let the fun begin. I’m still working on the translation of Rob’s 2005 biography of Robbert.
    However, I did just complete a translation of Rob’s recent blog article
    where he finds a way to mimic Robbert’s spirit photography. The devil who appears in Rob’s iPhone camera is funny, but even more exciting is the photo of an angel, created to look almost exactly like the one Robbert captured on his camera.

    Check it out here. I’m sure Rob will give you permission to reproduce it on your BLT blog.

    [NOTE: Rob Nanninga was so freaked out by this email that he cut off all contact from me and even deleted my English translation that we had so painstakingly collaborated on.]

    OK, Nancy, I don’t have any specific DST meditations to give you, but rest assured that no matter what you do, there will be tomfoolery to entertain you and Suzanne.

    Non-dualistically yours,

    Tom Mellett, aka Tommy Dzogchen
    Tom-Fool of Los Angeles, California, USA

    “When duality fails, let them eat Chaos!” — Tommy Dzogchen’s 3rd Precept (after deleting the first two.)

    PS For the record, my dual Dzogchen gurus are Groucho Marx and Curley of the Three Stooges. Subsidiary Arhats include the other Marx Brothers and Stooges, Laurel and Hardy, Abbott & Costello, Rodney Dangerfield and a host of New York Jewish comedians too numerous to mention here. All of them in some way inspire my karmically-ordained spiritual pilgrimage of Dzogchen Sacred Tomfoolery (DST).

  6. Enrico, Robbert’s trick photography is, in essence, just an updated version of fraudulent spirit photography. He has a paranormal ability he could easily submit for entry to the James Randi Educational Foundation $1m challenge. But he won’t, because he has no paranormal ability. He’s just another example of a gutless, lying, fake medium. The harm that his crap is causing is all too evident here. I’m talking at a UFO themed conference in November in the UK and I’m going to do my best to ensure that everyone present understands the despicable lengths this sad attention seeker goes to. He’s pathetic.

    1. Hello Trystan
      Thank you for that wonderful suggestion. If the James Randi Foundation is willing to travel to Robbert and set up something applying to their rules, the 1 million dollar will have to be paid. Robbert is very reluctant to travel, or even unable to.

      He will be more then willing to prove his abbilities, I don’t think he will accept the 1 million dollars though, does not care about money.

      You can call him gutless, lying, fake and pathetic as much as you want, but there is just so much that you don’t know or are perhaps unwilling to accept. For example:A in this country very well known gentleman approached Robbert, after he had prayed for a certain picture to show up during this meeting. Robbert had no way of knowing this. Guess what, the prayed for picture emerged. This gentleman now is in the proces of making a documentary about Robbert.

      If you think that we in this country are all a bunch of naive, deaf, dumb and blind people, let me inform you, not all of us are,

      Like I said many times before, he is begging for scientific research, something a hoaxer would never do. Currently an examination by a well known researcher is in the works. I am curious how you or others like you, people who have seem to made their mind up already, will react to the certain outcome.

      But again, thank you for that wonderful suggestion. Maybe I can persuade Robbert to give some of that money to me.

  7. I have just posted on my website, with permission of the Chorley family, the shocking message they received from Robbert van den Broeke’s gatekeeper, Nancy Talbott. Talk about insensitive and arrogant. As I speak, a number of the families who have been deeply impacted by the handling of these claims by Talbott and van den Broeke are discussing where now to take this. Those awaiting the results of a special investigation by GTech Investigations, will not have long to wait.

  8. Rejoice! Robbert’s website has experienced a marvelous addition to the list of his contacts from beyond the grave. This time, mindful of the anniversary of Princess Diana untimely death, Robbert unleashed once again his mental powers, which Princess Diana’s spirit couldn’t resist, and the result is another precious interview complemented with an angelic-like image of the princess.
    Hoaxer Robbert van den Broeke makes the same type of fundamental mistake, as hoaxer David Chorley had once made. Both of them should get together once again and better refine their methods.

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