Robbert van Broeke: Now Nancy Talbott tells Chorley family to “get on with your life”

Now, since this whole saga started, with Robbert claiming to have contacted various dead crop circle related figures, and the general howls of disgust from the crop circle community, I was surprised that suddenly Talbott, Van Broeke and other supporters such as Suzanne Taylor, suddenly became very, very quiet. It seems that after the outrage they were keeping their heads down. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. As Colin Andrews has posted on his website, Nancy Talbott has been very vocal and very blunt by telling the complaining Chorley family to “get on with your life”. So love and light!

The Chorley family have felt very upset with the whole affair and have contacted Nancy directly. Nancy has responded thus:

“Mr. Chorley,
Please save yourself the time and trouble of any further correspondence. You have already made your viewpoint clear and I have done my best to do the same. I don’t intend to read any additional assaults on my or Robbert’s intelligence or integrity.  You must either accept what I have written as truthful, or not, and get on with your life–because I have said what I can.

Nancy Talbott”

That is about as sensitive and conciliatory as a house-brick to the side of your head.

Understandably the Chorley family have responded:

From : Richard Chorley
To: Nancy Talbott

Nancy…A rather rude and arrogant response to a simple email telling you I would respond to your original message today.  

Okay, let’s get some things clear from the start. Assaults? Very dramatic language… The only assaults that have taken place here are the ones perpetuated by Robbert on the name and memory of my Father and others. You have an absolute audacity in using such language when you have willingly helped perpetuate this rubbish and in the process have upset and seriously annoyed a number of families. And are you now telling me that we as a family do not have the right to contend claims such as this if we feel suspicious of people’s motives? You are telling me to get on with my life? How about you and Robbert getting on with your lives and leaving my Father, Mr Delgado and others to rest in peace? How about you remove all this nonsense from your websites, given you are now fully aware that your claims are seriously upsetting the relatives of the men concerned?  

Please do not tell me that you claim to care about any of that in the slightest. You do not or you would not persist in championing this stuff. You are far more concerned with your own profile and selling Robbert to the world. That is reality, Miss Talbott.   

Reverse the situation….How do you think you would feel if obscure mediums you had never heard of, began posting claims and videos like this all over ‘Youtube’ and other websites/media vehicles regarding your dead relatives? That your dead relatives were in ‘touch’ with people and those people were purporting supposed views, positions and statements that were/are completely at odds with everything your relatives ever stood for and believed in life?…You would not feel angry and insulted? You would 
not feel that your relatives memory had been ‘assaulted’ as you call it? Think honestly about that and the application of the word ‘assaulted’.

As usual with people in in these situations you are deliberately avoiding detail although that is not surprising….Robbert’s claim that my Father had apologised for ‘Stating they’d made all the crop circles’ shows exactly how flawed his perspectives are….As I have already told you, my Father and Doug Bower never once claimed to have made ‘all the Corn Circles’ and it was a point of major annoyance to my Father that this piece of spurious disinformation was constantly used against him and Doug over many 
years….In fact I would state that it was the single most annoying factor to him of the entire saga…They conceived the original methods and constructed the original renowned circles, which is what my Father and Doug were talking about in their original interviews…but other Circle makers quickly cottoned on and before too long there were various other teams at work….I repeat, why on earth would my Father be apologising in death for something he never said or claimed in life anyway? The whole concept is utterly ludicrous…..

Regarding your comments about sincerity, honesty and motives etc. As a number of other people have pointed out, if you and Robert were genuinely sincere, then you would have endeavored to have contacted the families concerned with all this, long before you decided to blurt it all out to the world. If you had really wished to contact us, it would have been a relatively simple trail in the Crop Circle world. The truth is you never had any intention of contacting us and neither did he. These ridiculous claims 
have been slammed across the globe as part of a naked promotional campaign on behalf of Robbert’s supposed gifts….You know that, he knows that and we know that. Of course there are always gullible people out there who hang on all this as if it is some type of mystic revelation but surely you can see that the images in the video are clearly taken from stills of my Father when he was alive! Is Robbert with his great ‘gift’ really trying to ask us to accept that the ‘form’ of those beyond this world reflects exactly that of their former worldly bodies?!! And you are really asking me to take you seriously dear?….

Of course you do realise that if all this was true, it would represent the greatest events to ever take place in the history of mankind? Genuine bona-fide appearances from the other side? Caught on camera? Now, if you really believed that to have taken place and that you were party to close contact with the ‘vehicle’, would you really go around sending rude emails to the relatives, telling them they would simply have to accept your version and to ‘get on with their lives’? No, I feel that the human beings selected for events of such magnitude would exhibit far more grace and consideration for the relatives of the supposed visitors, a fair comment? I belive that sincere people would be far more concerned with communicating with those relatives and showing them the validity of their claims…Surely you can see the ration of such points? Perhaps you would care to ponder on the issues raised in this email and examine your own conscience in relation to all of this. We are talking about real people here, sons and daughters, grandchildren who loved their Grandfather very dearly, you claim to be acting with sincerity yet send emails like that last one?

I request again that you remove from your website all details of these claims and further ask you to pass this message onto Robbert at the earliest possible opportunity. In addition, I request that you ask Robbert to contact us personally with any proof he may wish to share with us regarding all this. Surely he would be prepared to do this if he is acting with sincerity and in the manner you claim?

Richard Chorley

These messages have been forwarded from Richard Chorley to Colin Andrews, who graciously alerted me to what was happening, the original posting for this is on Colins website and I urge you to visit to see the whole story:

It seems to me, in my humble opinion, that Talbott and Co. are slightly rattled now. Not only has their little sideshow hit the buffers, but I do not think they expected on such a forceful response from the Chorley family. Talbott is not exactly trying to calm the waters. Robbert has gone to ground feeling “depressed”, and I wonder if this will end up with lawyers involved. If Talbott and van Broeke had at least tried to calm the waters, at least appear to sound a little sensitive to the families protestations, I think this might have blown over by now. But what we are left with is a situation where every utterance by Talbott and van Broeke will be pounced upon and greater scrutiny on van Broeke and his alleged gifts, which is not what either of them want I believe. The ethics of mediums and psychics is a very grey area, but sensitivity must be high on any list when dealing with the relatives of a deceased family member. Especially when claiming to have messages from them.


17 thoughts on “Robbert van Broeke: Now Nancy Talbott tells Chorley family to “get on with your life”

  1. I have a friend in the energy healing profession who just gave me this succinct summary of the situation as she sees it, very much an outside observer, yet cutting right to the heart of the matter. I would only add that Nancy Talbott is as equally culpable as Robbert in their concerted refusal to contact the families ahead of the publication of the images and alleged “telepathic messages.”

    You know, the more I’ve thought about this, the more weight I put upon the fact that Robbert did NOT contact the families of the dead guys he was supposedly seeing nor Colin. Apparently, he has avoided Colin as well. This speaks volumes as to his character. Talking to dead guys and remote viewing is secondary. This lack of moral fiber is exactly why he was able to be tricked by the dark side, if this was indeed what happened.

  2. Hello everyone.

    I too think that the term or sentence: “get on with your life” is not the way to express yourself to a upset family member. My knowledge of the english language is by far not as good as anyone else’s here on this website, but it does not sound very friendly. I see it as damaging to Robbert, who would never express himself in that way. Very unfortunate. Of course, I would like to see the first email of Mr. Richard Chorley as well, but whatever tone used, Nancy, strongly associated with Robbert, should realize that this is not the kind of thing Robbert represents or stands for.
    Apart from this, I would like to clarify a certain misconception. For what it is worth to many of you. I hope it will reach Mr. Richard Chorley.

    Nowhere it is stated in the original transcript, that Dave Chorley has said that he and Doug made all the crop circles. It says ‘various crop circles”.

    Again, for what it is worth.

    1. To clarify a bit more, this is the translation made by me of the bit Richard is probably refering to:

      Dave then admitted the following to Robbert: that now that he sees the beauty of the afterlife, and the beauty of the energy of the crop
      circles, he sincerely regrets that he had announced via the media, during the time that he stayed on earth, that it all was just a joke, and that it was nothing more than flat grain. He knew that it once started in history as a real crop circle phenomenon, but, together with Doug, took it from there in a creative manner.

      To translate from Dutch to English is not a matter of word by word. I could have translated the original without the word: all.

      In other words: …that it was just a joke…etc. Ask Tom Mellett if anyone doesn’t believe me.

      A quick search on You Tube made me find this:

  3. Enrico,

    Consider for one second that your friend Robbert has the power to actually put an end to this drama by growing a pair and speaking up for himself. The more he hides away in the hope that this problems will disappear, the more he appears to acquiesce with Nancy’s actions. It’s admirable that you stand up for Robbert each time the crowd tear a piece from his paper suit, but you need to accept that the contact he had with Pat Delgado, David Chorley et al never actually happened. To manipulate people in the manner that Robbert has done, is not characteristic of a man who is guided by love and light.

    Where an rotund waistline used to indicate wealth in times gone by, today it can indeed give clear insight to the state of someone’s mind, as you contend. That depression that Robbert is experiencing? It’s called guilt Enrico. It was Robbert’s choice to invent these tales and it was Robbert’s choice to hand over the footage to Talbott (twice) and plaster it all over YouTube. The best thing he can do now is stand up and admit his wrongdoing before the results of the investigation are released.

    Sure it’s a tough thing for a guy to do; to admit you screwed up and then ask for forgiveness, but I can guarantee that anyone worth knowing will not take any satisfaction in censuring his character for doing so, and the affected parties will probably be a lot more forgiving than he anticipates.

    Simply ‘being a nice guy’ is no defence. You want to convince us how loving and caring Robbert is? Well now is the time to prove it. Urge him to come clean, before the incorrigible Nancy drags him into a world of shit that will more than likely bury him for the rest of his life.

  4. Hello Anastasio

    Could you please indicate to me why you think the contact with the above mentioned never happened? A serious question…is it because, according to you, Robbert has no psychic skills? Is it because you think he faked the videos/photos? Both perhaps? Please, I need to know in order to reply properly.

    Well, you said before that he was lying according to you. In that case you could be true about his depression coming from guilt. Could just be mental illness as well.
    The problem with our debate is, I know for sure that he is a genuin medium. Maybe you do not even believe in true mediumship, I don’t know. I do, for several reasons. If a person (medium) is able to tell facts to somebody that he (the medium) could never have known about, or is able to give exact, complete names 100% accurate (not like….I sense an A… there someone deceased with an A in the family?) of deceased family members, if he does so in front of an audience to people completely strange to him, then you could say that he is a genuin medium.

    Robbert did so countless times. And even other, much more impressive things. Now you could think that in that case everybody is in on it, lying for the sake of a TV program, whatever. End of debate.

    There are a number of magazine articles as well, where a sceptic journalist approaches Robbert and then later had to admitt that everything Robbert said was 100% accurate. Even about the ill/sick cat at home, complete with description of the exact nature of the illness.

    You see, Robbert is not like suddenly appearing. Same with the photos. Robbert was recently approached by a well known Dutch gentleman, who had asked beforehand to ‘above’ (sorry for silly english), as a kind of test, if please a picture of our former queen could show up in a picture on his own camera. During this meeting, Robbert suddenly felt a presence, asked for the camera, took some photos in front of the gentleman’s nose, and voila…our former queen.

    There are numerous accounts like that. Sometimes more then 50 photos of one and the same person appeared. All different. That takes a hell of a lot of transparent foil for it to be fake. This too on the camera brought by a someone. So no photoshop preparations possible.

    I know this all sounds almost too impossible to believe, that is why I can understand the initual sceptisism. I am not on this blog to convince anyone, I was only trying to assure the family that Robbert is not just some kind of mental ill whacko.

    Robbert has said himself, that he too would think that it would be fake. Same with the crop circles, they look so obvious fake to many. There is a link to his website beneath the ‘famous’ YT videos. Why do you think no-one of the family members contacted him? Because it all looks so obvious fake, probably. If they would have contacted him, and they still can, he could at least give them prove of his medium skills. However, as I have seen today on this blog, Richard Chorley also seems to have made his mind up already. Without consulting Robbert. All go to Nancy, why? Robbert is independent. Nancy happens to be the only researcher who dares to invesigate and back him. Probably because she already was familiar with strange stuff. I don’t know.

    None of you seems to understand anything of what makes Robbert tick.

    All you can say is pathetic, lying whatever piece of shit. Nobody has any prove of that, it is all preassumptions and personal convictions. No offence, just noticing. Why am I telling you all this, is it any use?

    Please reply, maybe we can continue this debate.

    1. A debate dear Enrico? I thought your presence here was to “open minds” and give us a modicum of reassurance regarding a person whom you have neither met nor spoken to directly! You now wish to engage me in polemics because I simply dared to offer you and Robbert the best advice you’re likely to hear this side of Loonyville?

      Well woe betide me for simply offering to help a brother out!

      Now, I’d enjoy nothing more than to strap on the chain mail of implacability and for you and I to duel with rapier wit and much gnashing of fangs. Why not? The playing field is quite level Enrico, but then perhaps that crippling tender spot on your heel can be best represented by your unabashed subjectivity and infatuation with the subject, and isn’t exactly the best footing to kick off a debate. Besides, I already arrived at the conclusion, quite suddenly too, that we seemingly agree on more points than disagree! Ergo, I sadly cannot gratify your earnest request for an argument.

      Consider that you know as much of Robbert as do I, and that neither of us have borne witness to the broadside of anecdotal miracles you see fit to shower on us as proof of anything, thus your first idea has you state that Robbert’s website proves nothing, and we agree! So as a consequence, the many, many, many anecdotes you are so desperately trying to convince me of bearing anything other than Robbert’s own personal spin on the ‘facts’, also prove nothing because they too have originated from Robbert’s website! Does it not follow, logically, Enrico? Can you prove anything about the miracle stories other than they exist and you are required to blindly believe them?
      In your next point; you strongly contend, as does Robbert, that the spirits which appear in his various instances of contact with the ‘other side’ also already exist elsewhere, either in digital form or hardcopy i.e. a book belonging to his next door neighbour. No one is arguing against that Enrico; we unanimously vote yes to the motion! Albeit, Robbert’s post hoc acceptance of this fact does strike one as most suspicious, but still, no need for a debate just yet!

      Now before we continue, I must request that we disregard the preliminary revealing of gtech’s investigation; i.e. the images Robbert claims to have captured using his camera do not by any stretch of the definition present evidence that they did in fact originate from Robbert’s camera!
      It’s a little bit of a show stopper in this little male bonding session you and I are experiencing right now yes? We must also ignore your strong assertion that Robbert is mentally disabled, which would invariably give rise to a plethora of motives for his actions at the risk of ad hominens on my behalf. Schizophrenia would explain a lot, but alas, I am not in the business of making trans-web diagnoses for people I have never met nor spoken to. I’ll leave that up to you Enrico.

      After much rumination of your next point, which is; the images can indeed be faked using a photo editing program, I have to say yet again…Yes! We the house concur Enrico!

      So the agreeable juncture we have arrived at so far is:

      1) Robbert’s website and material contained within proves nothing

      2) Robbert’s images are undoubtedly taken from the internet/other pre-existing material (despite Nancy’s MIT trained analyst not being able to pick up this)

      3) Robbert’s images can be faked using a photo editing programme

      So what is there to debate Enrico? Perhaps we could disagree over the terminology used in the correspondence i.e. you say “unity consciousness”, I say “Google”, you say “Spirit”, I say “JPEG”, you say “captured on camera”, I say “edited in Photoshop”, you say “truth”, I say “blind belief”.

      It all makes the most perfect sense now Enrico! I surmise that pesky language barrier may have more to answer for than we first anticipated; We konden converseren in het Nederlands als je wilt? Ik kon de Grote Eenheid contact Bewust en kanaal een geest om mijn Engels magische wijze te vertalen naar het Nederlands .. oh my God! Het is op dit moment gebeurt! Ik ben een gelovige Enrico!

      In all seriousness, had Robbert of simply stated that he had contact with the parties in question and left it at that, the best I could say was that I genuinely believe that he genuinely believes that such contact did occur. However, because Robbert offered these laughably fake images as ‘proof’ demonstrates that there is something catastrophically wrong with him and his story. You go right ahead and believe it though Enrico, that’s the beauty of opinions and thus the dynamics of life itself.

  5. If Talbott had any integrity and intelligence she would realise she has been duped by RvdB. She can’t surely be that dim? Or has she invested so much time and effort into his feeble games that she just cannot admit she is wrong? Then again, much of her ‘reputation’ comes on the back of an already discredited theory on crop circle creation. A thoroughly nasty parasite who even puts Suzanne Taylor and her shifting goalposts to shame.

    Enrico, be embarrassed. You’re backing the rank outsider mule here. The winner’s already past the finishing post and Robbert will be at the glue factory before he ever approaches the first fence of scientific scrutiny. Yeah, he did something once for a ‘sceptic journalist’ but does that mean what he did was paranormal? You never seen a quarter decent stage magician?

  6. Thank you for that reply. Seeing that you do not actually read what I am trying to explain to many of you, and which can be backed up by many videos and/or witnesss testimonies, saves me a lot of typing.

    Btw. If Robbert would have the skills of decent stage magician, couldn’t he just make money with that.? If he really fooled all those people, including me, he should be an exceptional talent.

    Even you seem to be talented in some way. You seem to be able to forsee the future. You could be very paranormal yourself. Did you ever try concentrating on a lottery outcome?

  7. I apologise for the delay in releasing my report. I am waiting on crucial information from another person. We spent the best part of a month tracking the person down, and the information they have is vital. Colin Andrews will announce the report release on his website once the work is completed.

  8. Hello everybody

    With respect to all of you, I would like to announce that I am not furher engaging in this debate. We are all entitled to our opinion and I am as guilty as anyone else in following my convictions. I even seem to be able to foresee the future, just as Trystan does. (meaning, we both don’t)

    As I explained, I was only trying to reassure certain people. Nobody however was asking for some individual to show up and do so. And I probably failed anyway.

    I really love life and all beings taking part in it. From my own observations, I really believe that death does not excist in any way. I think I understand that matter, energy and consciousness are one, and that we all create our own reality, individually and en masse.

    Therefore, I will leave without any hard feelings, for what it is worth.

    I said hello, so I thought I ought to say goodbye as well, before leaving.

    Take care y’all!

  9. Enrico,

    Please, please, don’t leave us just yet! Please come back if you have left! I know you’re lurking out there somewhere.

    Please, Enrico ! We need you to interpret for us the most astounding and awesome appearance of a deceased soul that has ever appeared in Robbert’s camera. It happened just last night in the Netherlands!

    None other than the one and only . . .


    Can you translate the video dialogue between Robbert and Stan for us, Enrico?

    Robbert at the beginning looks so much like a Catholic priest or even a Bishop celebrating Mass. Then Diana’s golden streaming face appears at 2:40. And then at the end, the astounding rashes appear on Robbert’s forehead, this time in the shape of a heart.

    How does he do it, Enrico? How does the sign of Universal Love get burned into Robbert’s forehead? Is it like the Stigmata that holy people sometimes get, like Padre Pio in Italy?

    Does Stan use something like a holy branding iron to burn the image into Robbert’s head? Or is it done with caustic chemicals? Or is this a real bona fide spiritual phenomenon? A miracle?

    Please tell us what it is Enrico. You are our only hope in the English-speaking world to comprehend the miracle that is Robbert van den Broeke and his paranormal gifts from God.

  10. Gtech wrote 3 weeks ago:

    I apologise for the delay in releasing my report. I am waiting on crucial information from another person. We spent the best part of a month tracking the person down, and the information they have is vital. Colin Andrews will announce the report release on his website once the work is completed.

    OK Gtech, Colin Andrews has done just that. I must say that I am severely under-whelmed by the report.

    September 19, 2012

    The investigations into several images produced by Robbert van den Broeke and posted on his website and that of BLT Research have been concluded.

    In view of the nature of these findings along with our assessment that they reveal possible future events, it has been decided not to make the report public at this time.

    If the events indicated through this investigation occur, the entire report will be made public immediately.

    The investigation is now closed.


    P.J.O’Brien of gtechinvestigations
    Colin Andrews Research


    In other words, PJ, is it not accurate to say that you and Colin have found absolutely nothing, zip, nada, nichts on Robbert? In short, you have completely failed to debunk him in any way shape or form? It sure looks that way from the report of your final report.

    If so, then, congratulations are certainly in order for Nancy, Robbert and Stan because they have successfully withstood the challenge of this investigative campaign. After all this time and effort, you simply could not explain or debunk anything at all concerning the claims of Stan and Robbert. And Nancy Talbott is thus vindicated in her support for them both.

    Your report somehow reminds me of the disclosure boys, the UFO-Steven twins, Greer and Bassett. Every week they come out with some new portentous and auspicious statement assuring us that UFO disclosure is at hand, disclosure will happen definitely in the near future. But it never happens. The rusty and dented tin can of disclosure is always kicked down the road a few more yards.

    OK, fine, so your investigation came up completely empty. Here’s where I have a problem though. There’s nothing wrong with admitting failure. But there is something wrong with denying your failure and then trying to cover it up with all this rubbish about mysterious future events, as if there might be some future disclosure about Robbert the way the Steven twins believe in future UFO disclosure.

    Look, you guys at Gtech have nothing to be ashamed about. I’m sure you did a good job. But a little sheepishness may be in order, at least enough to tell the truth about your failure.

    If this were a sport, I suppose it’s a lot like European football, our American soccer. In a typical low-scoring game, I would have to list the score of the 2012 Crop Circle Cup as follows:

    BLT – 1
    GTECH – 0

    Maybe after the Mayan Calendar runs out and Colin comes home from his Mayan Cruise, you guys will have a rematch?


      1. Andy,

        It’s Colin and Gtech who have scored their own goal here. Where is the debunking? Where are the results of the fraud investigation?

        All this hype about fraud-busting Robbert and Nancy and there’s nothing. Not a thing!

        The report vindicates them. They need to take a victory lap out in one of Robbert’s fields of crop circles.

  11. Nancy Talbott is a disgusting human being to say the least, as is Robbert for perpetuating this obvious fraud. If there is such a thing as the afterlife or a spirit world, I hope demons sally forth from the bowels of hell to drag both of them kicking and screaming into the underworld for the rest of eternity. They deserve nothing less for the charade they are perpetrating by using someone’s dead loved ones. Shame on both of them.

  12. I’ve been looking into this research for a long time & I’m still not 100% sure what I believe… But one thing I think is interesting is that when some of these photos are compared to known photos, they are close but not exact… Which to me is more interesting than if they were exact copies… But even if they were exact copies of real photos, who says that isn’t the only way a spirit can manipulate their own image..?
    A moment forever ingrained in time & space… Like the old beliefs that our souls are captured in photographs…
    I’m just putting it out there that even if they are photos of a deceased person, it doesn’t mean he’s necessarily taking the images…

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