Apologies and an Update

My sincerest apologies for such a lengthy gap between posts, just never enough hours in the day. Anyway, another crop circle season is over and as the winter draws near I shall be collecting more interviews for the forthcoming film which exposes the weakness in the ET hypothesis as preferred by Taylor, Talbott et al. So far there are a good number of sceptical and open-minded folk alike prepared to share their knowledge, there are some prepared to discuss why their views disappeared from the final cut of Suzannes film (probably something to do with human circlemakers I presume), a little sprinkling of science and some other little surprises to show exactly what happens in Wiltshire during a typical crop circle season. Of course, plenty of previews will be posted here…

The great Crop Circle Challenge has fizzled out like the damp squib that it was, with the organisers deciding to re-group and consider their position. Apparently the requirements that caused the most problems were the condition of no footprints or broken stems. I could go on but to be honest there are so many tall-tales around this particular formation I just start losing the will to live. I have heard so many times about: radiation in the centre of the formation, no footprints, no broken stems, strange noises, miracle healings. But when challenged on simple matters such as : where did you read/hear this? who took the radiation readings? what were the measurements etc etc no-one can come up with the answers, which just goes to show the power of chinese whispers. As I adopt my best Samuel L Jackson voice: “Evidence, motherf*cker? Do you have any?’

But on a more serious note, the schism between researchers/croppies and human circlemakers one day has to be bridged. It is a difficult situation as many circlemakers will not discuss their creations for purely artistic reasons (let alone legal ones). Some will say that to ‘own-up’ to a circle detracts from any experience someone will have in that circle, or that is will detract from the circle as a creation. It makes me wonder that those who are still arguing about crop circles (including myself) are just really missing the point. The point being  that the crop circle phenomena (for want of a better word) is ultimately about experience on an individual level. To begin labelling it as messages from ETs or man-made art ultimately takes it into areas I don’t think it fares well in. Like all art its a personal thing, when I see a Damien Hirst I think ‘what a pretentious twat’, but others love it. It is what it is. Maybe, all those arguing should just chill out and let everyone just run around the fields and get on with it and leave it an open-ended and personal experience. Maybe. Which brings me on to the next point. The thought just struck me: what was the first commercially available crop circle book to start heavily pushing the ET hypothesis? Time for some digging and maybe a post later on where this belief originated, who said what and when, and who is still pushing this belief…


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