Crop Circle Science: An ever decreasing circle

No matter what branch of the paranormal you’re dealing with, the use of science to justify itself in the pantheon of authenticity is inevitable. Not that the use of science is a bad thing. The mis-use of science is a bad thing. Within the circular world of crop circles, there are plenty of attempts to hijack the science bandwagon to prove a point.

My personal favourite is the magnetised iron particles brought to you courtesy of BLT. Now, the prevalence of magnetised iron particles in the soil is not as rare as you may think. Due to a variety of natural processes magnetised iron particles can be present in the soil. It could be due to a metorite impact, it could be due to other space weather, in fact according to the paper ‘Impact of Soil Magnetic Permeability on Water Content Prediction’ by A.M.O. Mohamed and published at the 12th International Conference of the International Association for Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics (IACMAG) “The concentration of (magnetic) iron oxides is affected by the parent material, soil age, soil forming processes, biological activity, and soil temperature” (Singer et al., 1996; Kitayama et al., 1997) – the fact it is there in the soil is not that paranormal. In fact the forest soils of Upper Silesia, Poland are packed full of these magnetised iron spheres which have been blown there by prevailing winds that sweep across and collect this industrial pollution and deposited it in the forest.

Now, BLT like to make a fuss about the difference between the fact that within the circle these particular iron particles were in a linear fashion and outside the circle they were not in a linear pattern. This can only be at best an observation. If the team had gone and performed these experiments on a significant number of circles and fields to test this theory further then I would be forced to concede that there might be something to it. But again, its a small amount of science presented in a manner to convince others there is something when there is not.



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