Crop Circles: BLT: Dr. Levengood and the truth about his PhD and other qualifications…

Now, one of the main sources of ‘science’ within the world of crop circles has been the BLT team. Standing for Burke Levengood Talbott (BLT). John Burke is dead so that leaves just Levengood and Talbott. One of the continual arguments that has been directed at the BLT team was that Dr Levengood, PhD, never actually had a PhD. Despite appearing on many documentaries and being referenced in many publications as having a PhD, it was in fact a lie. Now, the first person to highlight this fact (that I am aware of) is Matthew Williams along with Kevin Randle, and that was quite a while ago. Now, in a new book entitled ‘Consciousness and Energy Volume 2 New Worlds of Energy’ the whole picture is clarified. Slightly. As with all these similar arguments within the world of crop circles, it tends to get to be a bit of a circular argument.

The book is written by Penny Kelly and William Levengood, and despite clarifying the PhD situation the book is not backwards in hyping up Dr. Levengood. The blurb on the Amazon page refers to Levengood being a ‘scientist extraordinaire’, which irrespective of your worldview, I think is a huge overstatement. You create a cure for a disease I will allow you the ‘scientist extraordinaire’ platitude. But back to the PhD. The situation surrounding the PhD is tactfully described thus: “One these ‘partners’ used Levengood’s work to bolster her own fame and fortune, and in an attempt to explain away the fact that he did not have a PhD, she declared to anyone that would listen that he had been awarded a PhD by the National Academy of Sciences”. Can anyone guess who this female ‘partner’ is? Yes, it is probably Nancy Talbott.

Now, one thing stands out here, for me at least: Levengood was either complicit in this or Talbott is some puppet-master who kept Levengood on a short leash. Because if Levengood was aware of PhD being tagged onto his name, surely he would have said something about it? Apparently not. Penny goes on with “They presumed that Levengood had told her this [about having a PhD]  in an attempt to make himself look good, but this was not the case”. So, considering the many documentaries that Levengood appeared in, considering all the articles he appears in or is referenced to, at no point did he feel capable of saying to anyone “Oh yeah, you need to drop the PhD bit…” Is Talbott that much of a puppet-master that at no point Levengood could turn to her and say “Enough with the PhD!”?

Now, just to undermine more of Levengood’s credibility she explains that “…someone suggested that he put ‘Dr.’ in front of his name…Levengood, did, in fact, have the equivalent of a doctorate”. The fact is, the equivalent of a doctorate does not entitle you to call yourself Doctor. The following link shows the available professional doctorates in the US, and there is no equivalent doctorate connected to biophysics so I fail to see what qualifications the guy has which allows himself to truthfully call himself a ‘Dr.’. Curiously, despite explaining that he has the equivalence of a doctorate, and throughout the book referring him to ‘Dr.’, he is plain William Levengood on the cover of the book. He has no doctorate and no PhD. The claims of ‘equivalence’ are difficult to quantify as the nature of these equivalent qualifications are vague at best. So on a technical note, not only should he have been making it plainly obvious to the media that he didn’t have a PhD, but he doesn’t really have a doctorate either, “so please don’t call me Dr.”

Why is this important? Well, when you’re making bold claims as to what makes crop circles, when you’re making a name for yourself and coining in the earnings through books and associated products, you can expect scrutiny. In a phenomena that will gleefully talk about ‘truth’ and ‘reality’, it seems that many people do not believe it equates to them or their actions. As for the science Levengood is responsible for, we’ll deal with that real soon…

10 thoughts on “Crop Circles: BLT: Dr. Levengood and the truth about his PhD and other qualifications…

  1. I have been extremely concerned regarding Penny Kelly’s use of Ph.d regarding William Levingood.He personally told me and my late husband John L Gedye that he has no Phd.My late husband walked into the life of William Levingood and created the paper about the CDP work. Levingood without the guidance of John would never have done the work. I am at the moment sitting in the room where the paper was written by John and who wrote the bulk of it. He then went to New York to the Botanical Gardens to read the paper carrying his oxygen and in a wheel chair and good friends. Levingood did not go, leaving all the work to be explained by John. Penny Kelly wrote in Chapter 7 of her latest book a compleetly innacurate account of my husband and has received a letter from my attorney reminding her so.Levingood is now in poor illness and has very bad memory. I feel because of his unwillingness to leave his Lab at many invited times and also he owns a computer but about 10yrs ago “pulled the plug” because of his inability to use it. Anyone wanting more info please contact me. You have my e.mail and my phone is 248 642 7696.

      1. But why lie? Why continue a charade of over 20 years about a qualification he never had? At any point he could have clarified the issue, but he never did. He isn’t entitled to use the term “Dr.”, but he did for far too long. So how is he a genius? His protocols for detecting genuine crop circles were fooled on several occasions. None of his science was double-blind tested. Smoke and mirrors? This is all fact.

    1. If what you are saying is accurate, Levengood himself was obviously honest about his lack of a Ph.D. title

      Did he himself sign his articles with “Ph.D.”? I am beginning to wonder, reading now what you are saying about Penny Kelly, who may have felt the use of “Ph.D.” relating to Levengood would help avoid making him look like a crank in the eyes of the public. Most people (certainly those who actually hold academic titles) would undoubtedly see this as unethical anyway.

  2. I’m writing an article on Crop Circles and found you article interesting if somewhat confusing . . . in the three articles I read by William Levengood, the abbreviation PHD was nowhere to be found when listing the authors to the articles . . . perhaps you would like to explain this anomaly or is this just a smear article not based on any facts? (see sources below)

    Many famous people throughout Earth’s history have adopted titles that were not earned, while others have had titles added by their enemies to smear their reputations . . . for instance, if I refer to you as a hack wannabe writer, does it make it true?

    Levengood, W.C. (1994) “Anatomical anomalies in crop formation plants,” Levengood, W.C. & Burke, John (1995) “Semi-Molten Meteoric Iron Associated with a Crop Circle,” and Levengood, W.C. & Talbott, Nancy P. (1999) “Dispersion of energies in worldwide crop formations.” The 1994 and 1999 papers were published in Physiologia Plantarum and the 1995 paper in the J. of Scientific Exploration (see:

    1. The reason you don’t see any credentials or qualifications in your quote is that many scientific journals never publish them in the papers they publish (you will see this confirmed in a later link.) It’s a fairly common practice.

      Strangely, despite not having a doctorate he would routinely sign-off his crop circle reports with “Dr” as you can see in this link below.

      Click to access ResearchReport16-23Jun1993-AlbertvilleSasCA.pdf

      In fact he seems to have done this in many of these reports, see also

      Now, over on this link (below), we see his CV where again he omits use of PhD or “Dr.” equivalent – again because I believe he knows that he will get caught out if he tries to use such qualifications on anything remotely official. Also, read further down the link for some background information on others who also found the dubious Dr. and PhD a little concerning and what Levengood’s responses were. It also notes (correctly), that many scientific journals do not publish the degrees etc of paper’s authors, hence why your quote is devoid of the PhD or Dr.

      Also, if there was no case to answer, then why explain why he used “PhD” and blames it on others within the BLT team, as he did in the book he co-authored? (See link below)

      But this is not the main issue. The main issue is that his science was fooled several times. Now why that is, is where the real research should lie.

    2. I think the only way to unravel the situation about Levengood’s Ph.D. status would be to look into his dealings with the official scientific establishment and so maybe succeed in understanding how he *may* have felt a self-attributed Ph.D. title was justified – apart from whether or not it is necessary to be a genius in order to do some groundbreaking research made basically possible because he was not a career scientist and so did not have much to loose

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