Suzanne Taylor: Crop Circles: The evidence is out there….

Now that the spectre of ‘The Crop Circle Challenge’ has raised its head again, with some further backing from Suzanne Taylor, I thought I would answer the question that gets emailed to me the most (that and the threats from annoyed croppies). It goes something like this: ‘If crop circles are made by humans, where is the evidence?’. It is a good question. There is plenty of evidence to guide the inquiring croppie along that path, but this piece of footage captures a team of circlemakers making the impressive Inkpen Hill Serpent in 2010.

Now when this formation appeared, all the usual pundits rushed to say it was a sign, it was a message from ETs etc etc etc yet it turned out to be made by humans. As this film progresses, via night-vision and sped-up to show the circle design progressing, ask yourself if people could make something this good what circles in the past could they also be capable of creating…


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