Suzanne Taylor: Crop Circles – The Reality TV Show

Anything. Absolutely anything this woman could produce to squeeze a bit more out of the world of crop circles she will. In her latest missive, Suzanne informs us that there will be another Crop Circle Challenge next year! Like, wow! She informs us that this time the parameters of the challenge will be a little clearer. But, no sooner has she explained that, the twisted logic of the self-styled crop circle queen comes to the fore… she states : ‘If anyone wins, we’ll be privy to what will turn out to have been one of the greatest pranks ever perpetrated on the world.’. Er, you’re a little behind the times with that one. But then outdoes herself with ‘So, if no one meets the terms we could have news about other-worldly origins.’ Er, not quite. The logic here is that if no-one were to participate in the challenge then that somehow automatically dictates that crop circles are made by aliens…

Anyway, Suzanne then brings us her latest idea: A crop circle reality TV show… FFS! She goes on to state: ‘I’m thinking about a TV reality show next summer, in England. Any team members out there? The Challenge is a peg to hang all things about the phenomenon on, that would educate and entertain. Please send any pipelines you might have to selling it.’. Probably with the emphasis on selling…

In the land of the blind, the one eyed crop circle queen rules…


One thought on “Suzanne Taylor: Crop Circles – The Reality TV Show

  1. So, what exactly will this new challenge prove that the previous challenge didn’t? Perhaps there wasn’t quite enough attention focussed on Suzanne and her movie last time?

    As for the chosen formation, will the judges be able to provide evidence that the original conditions/parameters existed in the first place?
    Judging by Suzanne’s assuredness, I doubt it.

    Of course there’s always the possibility that it could be proven to the whole world that it was all just a big ‘prank’, but then I wonder how many people on this planet would actually give a rat’s arse if someone were to win the challenge?
    I’m pretty sure the Syrians feel they been screwed over by something ‘greater’ than crop circles in recent years.

    Perhaps the UN should drop a load of Suzanne’s What On Earth DVDs over Israel and Palestine. You know, really get them thinking about why they’re being so mean to each other – with the power of pretty shapes pressed into English wheat.

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