Dr. Greer and a crop circle expedition

What could you do with $50,000? The list could be endless. But, if you feel like donating that amount of money to help fund Dr. Greer’s forthcoming movie ‘Sirius’, in return you’ll get a ‘crop circle expedition’ to whatever crop circles may appear in the UK in 2013. (On a personal note, if I had $50,000 to fritter away I probably could make greater social change with it than funding Dr. Greer’s movie about an alleged 6 inch alien. )

This little piece of information really made me think about the crop circle scene long and hard. No matter what human endeavour you’re involved in, someone. somewhere will try to cash in on it. That isn’t the issue. What the issue is for me, is that in return for some really large donations, you’ll get a two week crop circle tour where you will be indoctrinated that the circles you are looking at were made by aliens. Always with the aliens. Anyway, for $50,000 you could probably hire most of the human circlemakers to pepper half of Wiltshire with crop circle designs of your choice. In fact, you could probably make an interesting film about crop circles with that amount of money. Now, there’s an idea…

2 thoughts on “Dr. Greer and a crop circle expedition

  1. Obviously you have not researched this subject thoroughly. Have you read Michael Glickman’s Crop Circles The Bones of God? Have you visited the Wiltshire crop circles. What education or observational skills do you have? The illustrated crop circles in Glickman’s book are definitely not made by humans. You mean fritter not “fitter” .

    1. Thanks for highlighting the typo.

      Obviously!? I have been visiting crop circles in Wiltshire since 1992. I am graduate and in my profession I am a trained observer. But what does that really have to do with anything?

      I have read Glickman’s book. But lets turn this around. What actual evidence do you have that these formations are not made by humans? Complex diagrams do not prove a lack of human involvement. Where is the actual evidence that humans were not involved. Not supposition. Not theory. Not conjecture. Evidence.

      When the formation at Inkpen Hill (2010) appeared, many of the pro-ET researchers all claimed it was made by aliens etc etc then the footage of it being made surfaced, as highlighted here https://circularstateofmind.wordpress.com/2012/11/19/suzanne-taylor-crop-circles-the-evidence-is-out-there/

      Rob Buckle highlights some good research here https://circularstateofmind.wordpress.com/2012/11/29/crop-circles-the-truth-and-the-lies/

      Now, I believed for a long time there was a paranormal explanation for some crop circles, but the more I dug into the subject the more the evidence has pointed to human involvement. That is not to say very weird things do not happen around crop circles, they evidently do, and I have witnessed these things myself. I think that is where the real mystery is.

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