The Crop Circle Challenge. Again.

After failing miserably to attract any serious offers last year, the Crop Circle Challenge has reared its ugly head. Again.

The problem last year was the ridiculous conditions placed on any participant. A fact noted by the organisers. So again, here we have the challenge to re-create the Milk Hill formation of 2001. Again, ridiculous restrictions are in place but the bigger issue for me is what will this actually prove? It won’t prove either way the origin of the original formation and it won’t prove whether crop circles are made by aliens. It can only prove that a group of people replicated the Milk Hill formation of 2001 (or not as the case may be). Big deal!

The group behind the challenge, the mysterious EHA group, fail to grasp the situation regarding crop circles. As I highlighted in previous postings on this subject, the owner of the Crop Circle Challenge domain, Janez Ferjancic, is quite matey with Benjamin Creme. Benjamin Creme spends a lot of time lecturing about the Maitreya (let us not go there) and believes that all crop circles are messages from ‘The Space Brothers’ (Let us not go there, either) The issue the EHA group fail to grasp is that crop circles are art, and all art should be interpreted on an individual level. Trying to prove the origin of crop circles is a bit of a reductionist argument.

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