Crop Circles 2013 – No circles and Dr. Greer is coming to town…

There was a flurry of excitement when it was alleged that a crop formation was spotted in France. Finally, the crop circle season was underway. With poor crop growth in the UK due to a very cold and damp winter, maybe Europe was going to to be the focus of crop circles this year. Buuuuuuuut this hastily reported crop circle turned out to be nothing other than wind damage. So back to square one for Europe’s crop circle season. The image that had been used for the reports was from a different circle from a previous year, whereas the real image was as shown below…. Bummer.

Not a crop circle... Wind damage
Not a crop circle… Wind damage

So, whilst croppies everywhere wait for aliens to send their cryptic messages into the sparse crop, news reached me of Dr. Steven Greer’s latest crop circle tour to the UK. Greer often makes these tours combining admiring the artwork of circle makers with late night meditations to contact aliens. However, spending a week with Dr. Greer in the UK comes at a price, and very f*cking hefty price at that – $3795.00 – and that doesn’t even include your airfare! So let me get this straight, you pay over $4000 (airfare, spending money etc) and you get to wander around Wiltshire with Dr. Greer. Empower yourself! Travel there for a fraction of the price and do your own thing, because let’s face it, contacting aliens with Dr. Greer doesn’t seem to be too successful! Any sightings his tours have experienced, would’ve happened anyway whether Greer was there or not! Seriously people, are we still at this stage of evolution?

Lets look at it another way: 10 people nets Greer almost $40,000 a tour. Lets go through that again, because these numbers are confusing for some. If Dr. Greer takes 10 people on holiday for a week, to do stuff they could have done without him, he gets paid around $40,000. Circlemakers, who will not get paid a penny for all their hard work, will enable Greer to net what some people will fail to earn in a year. Because no crop circles, no tour. No, don’t give me ‘but crop circles are made by aliens’ because they’re not. And even if they were, why are you paying someone to show you what you can find yourself at a fraction of the price? But that adage of fools and their money is never more accurate when applied to the world of crop circles.

Whilst we’re on the subject of fools and their money, the website has started sniffing around for your hard earned cash. Cosmic essences, made from crop circles blahblahblah I am pretty sure you were doing OK before you heard of this nonsense, so really, a bottle of water that was possibly near a crop formation isn’t going to transform your life. Here is a quote about an essence that was produced from one of my favourite formations from last years season:

I have been using the Resurrection Merkaba TTS2K1211 essence on a regular basis, and I have noticed that I am more focused, as well as more relaxed.  I felt the energy as soon as I took some of the drops. I thought it would work on me spiritually, but it worked on my physical needs instead. I have always had poor posture, and I thought this was something I would be dealing with for the rest of my life.  I am now noticing when I am slouching and correcting it.  This did not happen before taking the Merkaba blend.  I am also sitting straighter. I had an imbalance in my body from an issue I went to the emergency room for last year.  At church 12/2/12, one of my friends told me that the first time since the incident that my face looks balanced and normal again.  I saw her last before taking the Merkaba blend.

I could pick this apart, but really, is this what crop circles has boiled down to? The formation in question is here  I am sure the guys who made this will be so pleased to be facilitating the truly amazing healing properties described above…

Keep taking the tablets…

5 thoughts on “Crop Circles 2013 – No circles and Dr. Greer is coming to town…

  1. It seems that Glenn and Cameron Broughton are undercutting Greer by some £1,300 and offering a date with Michael Glickman, plus optional extras such as a ‘quantum spoon bending’ workshop.

    I wonder if we’ll see fisticuffs in the fields soon enough, as various greedy opportunists seek to monopolise on the circle makers’ art.

    At least for $3,795 Greer guarantees you ONE dinner, and a shared room for the week (unless you pay extra for single accommodation), so it’s not like the whole $40,000 is going in his arse pocket, let’s be fair.

    1. Well, agreed, Greer won’t pocket the full $3795, but it works out at $542 a day, now if you did that journey yourself you could get a fantastic hotel room, eat like a king, travel to crop circles and still have a fist full of change. Depends how desperate you are to hang out with Greer under the stars…

      I think the other tour has a lot more to do in the way of other events and workshops etc.

      I have no issue with people making money out of crop circles, I just think some push it too far. Yes, there will be fisticuffs in the fields this year, but not for the reason you may think… But I’ll save that for another post, ‘things’ are afoot…

  2. There are many different opinions about crop formations and their relationship and effects with people. Many people find the whole area of investigation fascinating and enjoy all the alien and New Age hype that goes with it. If those people want to enjoy a holiday themed around their hobbies and interests – who are we to criticise. So Greer makes some money out of it – that’s his and the people buying his tours business. Just saying! And I like your blog btw.

    1. Thank you for your kinds word, Laura.

      I think crop circles can be whatever you want them to be, I think if you go into them looking for mysteries and aliens, then that’s probably what you will find. It’s all good. I just think Greer could do with adjusting his prices somewhat, but that’s just my opinion.You’re blog is pretty cool, too!

  3. Looks like I’m late to the party again. However, a very interesting read. I have to admit I’ve been quite an avid follower to the Greer story. At heart I’m quite cynical but would still be intrigued to hear what the crazy Dr could teach us whilst we’re away with the fairies. But I almost choked on my tea when looking at the price, and no guarantee of ET’s!! Alas, seeing as Wiltshire is a mere 1hour road trip from me, perhaps I could gate crash and be home for supper at smidgen less than his $500+ daily quoter.

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