Crop Circles 2013: Olivers Castle and Patty Greer

Whilst indulging in our fortnightly pontification on the Fortean Radio podcast, we came around to briefly discuss the Olivers Castle footage and the seemingly only crop circle researcher who still believes it is real – Patty Greer. (Incidentally, do wander over to Fortean Radio as there are some interesting guests giving their viewpoint on this strange world we live in – Fortean Radio) Then Dave Haith sent me an article in which Patty Greer was being interviewed, then on the same day as Dave’s article arrives I was emailed a video featuring my old friend Matt Williams where he briefly discusses Patty, and I thought I shouldn’t tempt fate by ignoring this cosmic set of crop circle coincidences, so I thought I’d look a Patty and her belief in the authenticity of the Olivers Castle footage.

The Olivers Castle footage surfaced in 1997 after a snowflake shaped formation appeared near Devizes. As you can imagine lots of people went crazy as they believed this was evidence that aliens indeed were making crop circles. However, thanks to efforts of a number of researchers, the footage was proven to be a hoax, with the creator of this piece of footage, John Wabe, coming forward to reveal that it was made by him and some CGI trickery. The clip below runs through the footage itself, with John Wabe adding a little narrative but most importantly the clip shows how the hoax was done.

Now, despite many talented researchers proving that it was a hoax, despite the creator of the hoax illustrating how the hoax was conceived,  Patty still claims that the footage is genuine. Not only that, she claims that the footage has baffled scientists and researchers  ‘for years’. Well, not really, it got uncovered pretty darn quickly, but I digress. She goes on to claim that when the footage was slowed down – “There before our eyes was a clear frame where the two Balls of Light communicated! There is a visible band of black and white bits of information going directly between the two Balls of Light JUST BEFORE the Crop Circle swirled down to the ground perfectly. The moment I saw it … I knew it was REAL!” Now, considering Patty does not have the original film to play with, there are bound to be imperfections on her copy of the film that may lead people to believe there are things in that film such as communication between two orbs. The reason I highlight this is that small pieces of information soon get embellished and legends get born.

Patty acknowledges that humans are capable of making highly complex crop circles but they are influenced by ETs. Patty states that ‘The humans then go out and make the Crop Circles in a semi conscious state of mind in the middle of the night. I believe that these humans were carefully chosen to bring the messages to humanity…’ Wow, what a responsibility these human circlemakers have, carry intergalactic messages to us via their semi-conscious trudging through the Wiltshire countryside. Patty also buys into the belief that teams are also hired by shadowy agencies bent on keeping the truth from the unsuspecting public…

The world of crop circles is rife with unsubstantiated stories, half-truths, lies, deception etc etc and it all gets bundled up into the yearly pantomime called Crop Circles. Irrespective of your beliefs (and trust me, you’ll find it hard to convince Patty – or most die-hard croppies – to the reality of the situation) it is an entertaining and very addictive sideshow.

The full article detailing Patty’s experiences can be found here

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