Crop Circles 2013: Crop Circle Access Plan in disarray

Whilst probably well intentioned, the Crop Circle Access Plan is definitely in disarray. Of all the formations to appear in the UK thus far, the farmers have denied access to them all. Hence, making any pass you may have purchased nothing more than an attractive bookmark or a reminder of the the fractious nature of the world of crop circles. Evidently the farmers are not on-board with the access scheme, which makes the whole thing fairly pointless. Also, most of the other ‘major players’ in the world of crop circles have either remained quiet about the scheme or have indicated they do not support such a scheme. It has isolated Monique as the sole driver of this  scheme and will obviously prove to be bad publicity for herself, her new crop circle centre and the scheme as a whole. Considering the cost involved in purchasing these passes, I think people would have a right to be very annoyed. £7.50 is extremely expensive in my humble opinion for a visit to a crop circle, £60 for a years pass I find outrageous, especially when it currently won’t get you any access to crop circles at all. There must be some extremely nervous tour operators at the moment, as with access not being guaranteed to any crop circles as in the past, there may be some very angry crop circle tourists.

Matthew Williams has posted a video on the subject, which as ever, is worth a few minutes of your time

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