Lucy Pringle: Spare some change?

Seldom have I seen such audacity. Seldom have I seen such a piss-take. Lucy Pringle is crowd-sourcing for a cool $40,000 so she can continue with her important humanitarian work, I mean spend her summers flying in helicopters and taking pictures of crop circles!! Wtf?! Donate $3,500 and you get to fly with Lucy in a helicopter for the day! Whhheeeeeeeee! Lucy claims that “it will be one of the best days of your life”. For $3,500 it had better be! It had better be so f*cking good I would be delirious with joy! So good that I would be clapping my hands and rocking back and forth in the helicopter seat whilst thinking how many more days of fun I could have had if I hadn’t just blown it on someone who thinks crop circles ease the symptoms of people suffering from Parkinsons Disease. (Hey, why not actually raise $40,000 for Parkinsons Disease research instead! Just a thought!) Seldom have I been so speechless! The audacity of asking people to fund helicopter flights so she can take photo’s of crop circles (which she can sell, and keep her profile high so she can get conference bookings etc etc etc).

Crop Circles: It’s all about the dollar….

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