Robbert Van Den Broeke: No more crop circles (near my house, anyway)

News reaches us that Robbert vdB has stated that no more crop circles will appear in the vicinity of Robbert. Now, the cynical among you may be muttering that this is due to irate farmers, locals who know too much and poorly constructed circles that no-one takes seriously. But apparently, we shouldn’t be sad, it has all been part of some plan to do with Robbert’s healing abilites, now conveniently available for groups in mystical settings or in nature. When one cash-box closes another one opens, or something like that. The full spiel can be found at this link

One thought on “Robbert Van Den Broeke: No more crop circles (near my house, anyway)

  1. Browsing through Robbert’s site I came across this rather distasteful story:

    For those who don’t know, Joran is the man who beat a young woman to death in Peru and admitted on film to having intercourse with Natalie Holloway in Aruba during which she allegedly died of a seizure, prompting Joran to dispose of her body into the sea. In the same undercover sting operation he also admitted his involvement in sex trafficking. Add drug abuse, gambling and extortion you have all the typical qualities characteristic of a clean-cut, wholesome young man:

    Which is precisely why Robbert is now imploring us all to forgive a violent, convicted murderer on account of Joran’s inherent loving spirit. Robbert cites ’cause and effect’ to account for Joran’s misgivings yet fails to expand on just what caused Joran to kill (possibly twice) and involve himself in sex trafficking – as if it would matter anyway.

    I’m sure in our darkest hours we all have lapses of spiritual integrity, but still extortion and beating innocent women to death is what separates us from the animals.
    I appreciate that Joran may posses the capacity to eventually understand himself and feel genuine regret for his crimes, but Robbert’s apologetic story is nothing more than a crass and blatant appeal to wager support to improve the life of his and Stan’s friend.

    And in true van den Broekke fashion, nothing is mentioned of the victim’s families who are undoubtedly more deserving our attention and support.

    Still, it’s hardly surprising that van den Broekke is kind of scum that the Talbotts and the Taylors of this world choose to support and associate themselves with.

    How much more f*cked up can this get?

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