Crop Circles 2013: Lucy Pringle epic crowdfunding failure

I reported a little while back that Lucy Pringle was rattling her online collection tin so she could continue flying and taking photographs. She was looking for $40,000. She actually managed to raise $2,514. Quite a short-fall. Whilst I have spat my bilious statements about Lucy pan-handling in return for next to nothing in a previous post, all I will say is that there are a few photographers who fly and take photographs of crop circles without expecting the public to fund it. Also, there are enough photographers who can satisfy the public’s need for aerial shots of the formations without relying on Lucy.

The Crop Circle Information and Co-Ordination Centre, run by Monique Kilnkenburgh are also well short of their target of $54,000. Their ‘Save the Crop Circles’ campaign has raised a paltry $3,925, and with 4 days remaining, their failure is assured. I found their pitch the most disingenuous of the pair. Their expectation of 40 crop circles this season is also a huge over-estimation. With potentially a few weeks left of the season, it is unlikely that figure will be reached. Coupled with the fact that many farmers do not want to engage with Monique’s circle access pass. Many circles have been cut out by annoyed farmers, and considering there are rival schemes to allow access to the circles, Monique’s pitch has always looked slightly unrealistic at best. At worst, just a cash grab.

Not matter how much both have raised, it still works out at a fair chunk of cash for providing very little.

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