Crop Circles 2013: The season in review (brief)

Hoden (c) Jim Peyton and Crop Circle Connector

Well, I doubt there will be many circles appearing in the next few days, so I think we can review this seasons goings-on…

Well, the season started late during to a poor growing season, and despite a late flurry of circles towards the middle of August, the numbers have been significantly down this year.  The majority that have appeared haven’t been great, with a few exceptions. With more seasoned circlemakers either retiring and pursuing other artistic expressions or others sitting this season out, it has made for a poor season. This has been felt by many including the UK press who have waded in with numerous articles on how poor the circles are, or ‘Crap Circles’ as they were christened this year.

What has been very evident (again) is the level of acrimony between researchers, believers, sceptics, circlemakers and those who earn money from the subject. Oh, and the farmers. The farmers have been especially grumpy this year, with many formations being cut out (some before they were photographed) and some farmers only agreeing to spare formations from the chop when Monique Klinkenbergh has given them a backhander (to the tune of £500). The animosity has seen the various factions becoming even more entrenched in their opinions to the point of becoming almost fundamentalists about their beliefs (Can we expect the first crop circle fatwa any time soon?)

The much publicised ‘Crop Circle Access Plan’ was an astounding flop, with rival schemes and non-participation by many farmers highlighting that crop circles aren’t that easy to monetise. Another flop was the Crop Circle Challenge, which fizzled out as predicted. Crowdsourcing for funding, Monique Kilnkenbergh and Lucy Pringle, ended as epic failures. The public is not going to throw the huge sums asked for so that Monique and Lucy can skip around taking photographs, especially with the abundance of photographers already out there. Maybe the appetite for crop circles is really on the wane.

The much hyped researchers ‘marriage’ between Charles Mallet and Monique Klinkenburgh gave birth to the ‘Crop Circle Information and Co-Ordination Centre’, which looked like Ikea threw up in a portacabin after a particularly drunken weekender. However, judging by a recent and somewhat cryptic posting on the Silent Circle website, that marriage may have ended in a quickie divorce… (There are rumours abounding of financial improprieties, but more of that in a later post)

However, hopefully those that trekked to Wiltshire and beyond to visit the circles had a wonderful time, didn’t buy a circle pass and took some special meaning away from the circles. Which is what the circles should be about. Will 2014 be any better? I believe it will. There will still be the bitching, arguing, politics, mud-slinging etc but that is human nature. I think we may see a bit of a resurgence in quality circles next year. Onwards and upwards…

(I’ll be posting something a little more in-depth and will pick up on some points hinted at)

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