What you may have missed… #1

The winter months are always a little quiet on crop circle related information. Inter-personal battles seemed to have quietened down and we are left with the following little snippets for you to mull over…

Matthew Williams appeared with Tony Robinson on Channel 4’s “Walking Through History” series and discussed his crop circle making http://www.channel4.com/programmes/walking-through-history/4od#3613884

Nancy Houser believes that the CIA is using satellite technology to create crop circles. (I’m hoping to get Nancy on an episode of Fortean Radio to discuss this further) http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/362602

The ever insightful Trystan Swale deals with some of the issues around that UFO/Blimp which was one of the central themes in the Pyrka Vs Mallet autumn slagfest. http://www.leavesthatwither.co.uk/enough-of-the-burderop-blimp/

Trystan also sums up nicely the end of the doomed, ill-fated and generally nonsensical Crop Circle Challenge http://www.leavesthatwither.co.uk/the-end-of-the-challenge/


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