Crop Circles 2014 – Salinas Valley Crop Circle – The Aftermath

When the crop circle appeared in the Salinas Valley the media got very excited. Primarily this was down to two factors in my humble opinion. Firstly a crop circle appearing in an area not that well known for them and a slow news day. Once it appeared researchers on the ground in California and internet-based researchers started pouring over the meaning encoded within the design, and soon many were claiming it was the real deal. It was made by paranormal means.

As time wore on, many noticed the design looked very similar to a CCD chip found in cameras. But soon, nvidia came forward to confess that the whole thing was nothing more than a giant advert for their forthcoming new chip. The circle received copious amounts of column inches, it was being splashed all over the internet, it was marketing gold! Once the video featuring its architects came forward, I could hear this strange noise. It was difficult to hear at first, but it grew louder, it was the sound of lots of people suddenly back-tracking. It was the sound of people scrabbling around to adjust their theories now that they had been caught out.

Of course, there were plenty of new theories: There was a second circle, hastily made to deflect from the original. Nvidia were ‘forced’ to claim ownership by intelligence agencies. The circlemakers didn’t have the skills to create this. On and on it went… It all started to sound a little silly and some well known researchers got badly burned with this one. Once in a hole, stop digging…

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