Crop Circles 2014: Same Sh*t, Different Day

A new year, and the ‘same old, same old’ from the pro-paranormal cross-section of the crop circle community lands in my inbox. It’s a missive from crop circle fantasist Suzanne Taylor, who excitedly informs me that she is participating in another webinar. Well, great! More people shelling out $97 to hear her (and others) one-sided bilge about crop circles. My facepalm is cut short by the article she links to in her email. ‘Crop Circles 2014: A Cure for what ails us’ is a blinkered article by Gary S Bobroff, which follows Taylors technique of conveniently ignoring salient facts that may dilute their message.

Bobroff highlights the recent crop circle in Southern California was probably man-made (no sh*t, Sherlock!) but highlights the ‘interest and openness’ the media showed towards the circle. Well, the post Christmas and pre-New Year period is always slow for news, so in a piece of marketing genius, the creators of that circle timed their creation to perfection, as its blanket coverage got the required attention of their advert placed in the crops. Nvidia must have been peeing their pants in excitement. (More on that in another post)

Bobroff follows the usual line about the media previously being anti-crop circles and talks of a “well orchestrated disinformation campaign” that robbed the public of learning of the ‘science and history’ of crop circles. Which is horrendously incorrect, the media have frequently featured the history and, ahem, ‘science’ behind the crop circles. Ah, the science. Bobroff conveniently fails to mention the lies about the qualifications of BLTs scientist. He conveniently fails to mention that the ‘science’ has never been replicated in other labs. He also conveniently fails to mention a lack of double-blind trials. In fact, Bobroff claims that English farmers have known for generations that crop circles are made by something other than humans. Which farmers is he talking to? Take a stroll around Wiltshire, home of the crop circles, and farmers will gladly tell you who makes crop circles: It’s people. In fact, the farm dog probably knows that too. But to Bobroff and Taylor, this well crafted PR puff that will not even touch any counter-arguments, is seemingly second nature to them, and will no doubt ensnare unwary seekers with $97 to burn.  To stick to a theory or set of theories is fine, but to blindly ignore anything to the contrary makes them appear extremely disingenuous.

However, Bobroff does outline some interesting theories around the symbolism of crop circles, it is a shame he hasn’t followed the natural step to seek the real circle makers instead of blindly following others misguided research. (Hey, we’ve all been there). With accomplished circle makers such as Julian Richardson,Team Satan ( and Matthew Williams discussing their circular art, it naturally seems the scholarly step to talk to them rather than ignore their inconvenient truths. Gary, his article and webinar can be found here:

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