Crop Circles 2014: Suzanne Taylor goes Dutch

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So Suzanne Taylor has come out in support of Holland’s alleged psychic/medium Robbert van de Broeke and the piss-poor crop circles that appear there. In a post on Facebook she muses whether the crop circle phenomena has now moved to Holland due to the current bitching within the UK crop circle scene. (There always have been some circles in Holland, usually very poor and usually in long grass)

Really? So what you’re saying Suzanne, is that the aliens you believe are creating the crop circles are now moving to Holland because of a lot of bitching by some groups on Facebook?  I didn’t realise these aliens had such fragile ego’s. I didn’t realise that to receive the galactic wisdom, everyone had to ‘play nice’.

One of the main reasons why Holland is a preferred location for some crop circle researchers is that there is less of a critical audience. Here in the UK, most circles are visited by believers and sceptics alike, and most circles will be critically assessed (some would say pulled apart), something that doesn’t really happen in Holland (to the same degree as in the UK at least). This suits some researchers as the UK scene can be particularly bruising. Also, some of the more well-known “names” within the UK scene are currently getting their dirty-washing aired in public and some people are keen to avoid “guilt-by-association” and having their own dirty-laundry hauled out for all to see.

About a year ago, I heard some rumours that such a group of researchers were trying to “re-locate” the scene to Holland to avoid the particularly tough questions that were damaging some people’s research (and income stream). A reality-TV show based around the crop circle scene in Holland was also speculated, with some whispers coming from Dutch TV producers and some recognisable names from the world of Dutch TV have been mentioned.

Of course, the Dutch crop circle scene primarily revolves around alleged medium Robbert van de Broeke. So much psychic phenomena around just one person is always very suspicious, especially when that one-person has been allegedly caught out in the public arena on several occasions (I’ll get an update post on this soon for you). Anyhow, Robbert van de Broeke has issues of his own to deal with. Namely the stream of abusive emails that appear to emanate from Robbert van de Broeke’s IP address/email account. This is usually followed by apologetic emails from Nancy Talbott of BLT infamy who attributes the nasty emails to some hacker who has nothing better to do with his IT skills than allegedly hack Robbert van de Broeke’s email account and send emails just to some people who have been scrutinising Robbert van de Broeke’s claims. How very curious… What is also very curious is that Nancy will rarely set foot on English soil nowadays or produce reports on English crop circle formations, preferring to avoid the place in favour of Holland and lesser trampled paths (or should that be fields?).

But no, Suzanne is convinced of the authenticity of Robbert van de Broeke and Nancy’s claims. As she further posts…

Suzanne Taylor 2

However, if Suzanne is correct then we should see the stunning formations the UK scene is famous for appearing in Holland, rather than the piss-poor, amateurish and soulless creations that we have seen to date. But don’t hold your breath…

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