Crop Circles 2014: What you may have missed #3 – Early May Update

I wasn’t quite in the mood to post on each of these individually, so here is a bit of a round-up of news that has arrived in my inbox over the last few days…

So, as I mentioned on a previous post, the focus of the crop circle scene continues to be directed to Holland and alleged psychic/medium Robbert van den Broeke. The Crop Circle Research Foundation has now started musing, after discussing this with Robbert’s number one fan Nancy Talbott, that the phenomena may be moving to Holland (this sounds familiar). Which is a little curious, considering that the crop circle phenomena was always touted as something global. As I previously mentioned a short while back, some other researchers desperately want this all to be relocated to Holland to avoid the critical analysis the subject gets in the UK.

Considering the abundance of formations in the UK, it is a tad curious that Talbott & Taylor rarely set foot at the heart of the phenomena. How curious. How curious they get so excited over a handful of piss-poor formations in Holland, yet ignore what goes on in the UK? (In fact, Talbott pretty much devotes most of her time to Robbert)

But let us also look at who is at the heart of the Dutch crop circle phenomena: Robbert van den Broeke. You must become just a little sceptical when only one person seems to be at the heart of any paranormal phenomena. Does it not raise some alarm bells when it is just Robbert who gets the vibe of an impending circle, and then it is Robbert who goes off and discovers the circle? Of course, those who criticise Robbert usually get threatening emails from the ‘mystery hacker’ who has nothing better to do with his skills than threaten Robbert’s critics with death threats, threats of a satanic nature and gruesome pictures. Of course, one simply has to do a little googling to discover there are many who have got to the truth of what Robbert is all about. Do some googling on the matter, there is a lot of information out there. Here is a brief look at some of the shenanigans in Robberts past:

Fellow Dutch crop circle botherer Monique Klinkenburgh has re-located her Crop Circle Information Centre to Devizes Museum for the “peak summer season”. Last years Crop Circle Pass scheme was an absolute disaster despite what the press release reprinted in local papers might make you believe. The pass is now only £10, a huge saving from it’s staggering £60 price tag of last year. Last years main issue was that despite buying a pass, only a small number of farmers had actually signed up to the scheme, so you may still not get access despite having paid £60. In fact, Paul Jacobs’ scheme was much more reasonable and seemed more widely supported by farmers. As no-one (ahem) will know where this years circles will appear, there may be the situation where the farmer may not want you on his land irrespective of a piece of paper from Mrs. Klinkenburgh saying you can.

And finally, Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group (who announced their closure last year) are rounding everything off with a final conference this year. Having looked at the speakers and activities, earth energies and associated subjects seem to be just as featured as crop circles themselves. This hardly feels like a last hurrah for the group, celebrating the wonders of crop circles over the last twenty-odd years, in fact one gets the impression that crop circles aren’t really at the heart of the conference. However, I am sure a good time will be had by all providing you’ve £95 for the weekend ticket. Other crop circle conferences are available.

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