Crop Circles 2014: Robbert van den Broeke and more abusive messages

After posting yesterdays blog entry, I started to notice an increase in visitors from the Netherlands. This is the beauty of using a platform such as WordPress, it’s stats and visitor details can provide an illuminating insight to who is visiting your blog. In fact, there have been a steady stream of Dutch visitors since crop circles started appearing in Holland despite the fact I never mention them. But as sure as night follows day, once you criticise Robbert van den Broeke, the insults/abuse will come.

Below are screenshots of the abusive messages received yesterday. They are similar in tone to previous abusive emails and the IP addresses match-up with previous abusive emails. The hacker has such amazing IT skills that he failed to hide his IP address. Again.

Abusive message #1
Abusive message #1
Abusive Message #2
Abusive Message #2

4 thoughts on “Crop Circles 2014: Robbert van den Broeke and more abusive messages

  1. Andy,

    Interesting that you were receiving persistent visitors to your site from Holland even before your Robbert Van Den Broeke article was published.
    Maybe someone got a “feeling” that something was going to happen on your site.

    Many people believe that they can travel totally anonymously across the internet and not leave some footprint.
    We see this time and time again with individuals who have been proven to be hoaxers.
    They also appear obsessed with checking back to see what new information has surfaced regarding their antics.

    Maybe the sender of these offensive communications will cease their nonsense now that their IP address has been exposed.


    Xpose UFO Truth

    1. It does seem very strange, that for someone who has the technological skill to allegedly hack into a mailbox, they are incapable of hiding their IP address.Of course, I also have to question if a legitimate hacker would waste his time with petty little comments. I also question the theory that is put forward that someone is trying to discredit Robbert. As again, this seems petty and childish. Still, truth will out.

  2. I also received several hate-emails of Robbert van den Broeke. The three most recent dating from February 26, 2014.

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