Crop Circles 2014: Phototropism

One of the continual claims of a crop circle’s paranormal origin is the evidence of bent nodes or some other similar bend in the stem of the plant. Now there is a more natural explanation for this: phototropism. Phototropism is effectively a defence mechanism that forces the plant to bend towards the light if that plant has either been flattened or is horizontal. Plants in general will gravitate towards the light, we know that’s a scientific fact. However, this little piece of knowledge fails to filter through to the pro-ET crowd.

So, by pure good fortune, this little incident happened in my garden: I’d bought some herbs and planted most of them in the herb-bed. I forgot this one plant and left it in the garden, still in its pot. Overnight the plant was knocked over, which I didn’t notice for a few days. Lo and behold, the plant started to grow from its horizontal position towards the light. This is where these wonderful bends in the herbs stems comes from. Nothing paranormal, no magic, just phototropism.

Here is some background on phototropism

Here is a wonderful time lapse of phototropism in motion

Below are my magically bent stems 🙂

Phototropism - (c) andy russell
Phototropism – (c) andy russell
Phototropism (c) Andy Russell
Phototropism (c) Andy Russell
phototropism (c) Andy Russell
phototropism (c) Andy Russell

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