Crop Circle Research Foundation: A Truth Deficit

Ah, the Crop Circle Research Foundation (CCRF), whose motto “Adopt. Adapt. Evolve”, always gives me a little chuckle. The trouble is, is that just like so many other crop circle websites, they are beholden to those they believe are telling the truth, especially if that person happens to claim to be a “researcher”. Irrespective of what piece of truth that comes their way, if it dares to upset their already unsteady apple cart, they will simply put their fingers in their ears and say “La la la la! I’m not listening!”. In a recent blog I highlighted the CCRF were musing about the alleged shift of the crop circle phenomena to Holland. The link is below

In the posting, CCRF got all excited about Robbert van den Broeke (RvdB), and waxed lyrical about Nancy Talbott blahblahblah. So, I felt that this one-sided review of RvdB’s abilities (ahem!) needed to be re-dressed and posted a link to a small article that showed how easy it was to re-create the images RvdB and Nancy post all over the web in an attempt to bludgeon people into believing RvdB has some mysterious abilities. Hot on the heels of that response was a typically condescending response from Nancy herself. Which contained some inaccuracies, and I felt I had right of reply. But no, my first response to Nancy disappeared! So, I re-submitted a response, which was marked as pending approval, and still hasn’t been approved. Now, foolishly (because I thought CCRF might have some integrity) I didn’t screenshot the first response, but below is a screenshot of my response which is STILL awaiting approval.

Crop Circle Research Foundation - apparently truth and discussion needs to be moderated
Crop Circle Research Foundation – apparently truth and discussion needs to be moderated

Now, it’s CCRF’s website, they can publish what they want, but I found it telling that my first initial post was automatically published, but subsequent posts have been moderated. So, these people want truth, but only if it fits into their small framework/paradigm of what that truth can/should be. Yeah, that’s really adopting, adapting and evolving!

So, since I don’t have the right of reply there, I’ll do it here.

Nancy believes that the crop circles in Holland are attracted to Robbert’s “loyalty”. Really? So, these aliens will only come and play IF there are enough supplicants loyal to the cause? Wow, how modern your spirituality is? Nancy then goes to say that RvdB is the only person who knows when these circles will appear. How strange, although most circlemakers in the UK are capable of this premonition too 😉

Nancy then highlights the fact that if people want “FACTUAL” information about RvdB go to her website. Please don’t do some independent research. Please don’t go to google and type Robbert van den Broeke fake. Please don’t talk to the people who have received abusive messages. Please don’t look at all the websites highlighting how RvdB has been caught out as a fraud. Just listen to me, Nancy. Just listen to Nancy and CCRF, because we’ll tell you what the truth is. We’ll tell you what to believe. Don’t listen to these “armchair researchers” who just want to rain on our parade etc etc etc ad naseum Of course, I haven’t met Robbert in person (like that would change opinion!) the last time I made a suggestion to Robbert via email it unleashed a catalogue of abusive emails. For which Nancy apologised, but blamed them on this mysterious hacker (see below)

Apology from Nancy
Apology from Nancy

Nancy then cries that none of the efforts to debunk him have come from people who actually “know him”. Well, what difference does that make? Nancy then goes on to cry that no one has made the effort to discover the actual facts. I beg to differ, but then I would, wouldn’t I? I would, because to quote Bill Hick’s: “I deal in facts, that’s what makes me a cocky f*cking b*stard”

So, to cut to the chase like a madman with an axe, go google Robbert van den Broeke fake and see how much gets written about his so called amazing abilities. Because despite blathering on about truth, CCRF won’t tell you the truth as it might damage his good friend Nancy. Nancy won’t tell you the truth because it’s in her interests not to. RvdB won’t tell you the truth because Nancy (and others) is pulling his strings. Only you can find the truth.


One thought on “Crop Circle Research Foundation: A Truth Deficit

  1. It is quite amusing to read the message from Nancy Talbott to Andy Russell stating that Robbert van den Broeke’s computer had been hacked and that “fake emails” were being sent out in his name.

    The claim that one’s computer has been hacked and that naughty people are sending out nasty emails to researchers is not a new idea.
    Darren Perks – one-time UK “investigative researcher” – did exactly the same when we started to expose his hoaxes to the World.

    Hoaxers always like to play the “I’ve been hacked ” card as they believe that this will let them off the hook!

    However, eventually they do get exposed for the frauds that they are.

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