Crop Circles 2014: Follow The Money

Before we depart on this little excursion let me state that I have no issue with people making money from crop circles, in any way whatsoever. My issue is with people who make money from crop circles being extremely disingenuous. How this got started was a statement made on Crop Circle Research Foundations (CCRF) website, where they reviewed a talk given to them by Dr. Charles F. Gritzner. In this statement, Gritzner made reference to the immortal phrase “follow the money” regarding people involved in crop circles. Gritzner believed that many people involved in crop circles are “in it for the money”. This seemed to upset CCRF who blustered about certain people not being likened to “scam artists”. The trouble is, is that when money gets involved, then the waters of truth can get muddied. Because in reality, if “the truth” was to come to light that crop circles were made by humans, then a few peoples income stream gets seriously damaged.

CCRF themselves have a donate button where they promise that “your donation is utilized to fund scientific research of the Crop Circles”. CCRF are set up as a charity to educate people about crop circles. Well let’s re-frame that. CCRF are a charity promoting the belief that crop circles are made by aliens. Just what scientific research they fund is a mystery, it might be some grand experiment with test tubes and Bunsen burners, or it might be bunging a few grand to their favourite researcher (in fact they offered, then retracted, a small sum of money to the doomed Crop Circle Challenge 2013. Oh let’s not open up that rancid can of worms!). Nancy Talbott and Suzanne Taylor also have a donate button, and for what? Is there any real value to what they do? A cursory glimpse at either Talbott’s or Taylor’s website show the usual one-sided viewpoint ‘it’s aliens’. So, yeah, we should follow the money. Because in fact, if you donate to continue these peoples one-sided research, you are in fact paying for people to tell you more tall stories. Again, last year, we heard tales of human circlemakers being paid to create their works of art in the UK countryside (and no, these weren’t for TV shows etc)

The next question is how long will people continue to pay? Last year, Lucy Pringle and Monique Klinkenburgh discovered that the public pocket was a lot shallower than they realised (or maybe they were being amazingly greedy?). In the link below you can see that between them, Lucy and Monique expected the public to stump up a whopping $94,000 to keep both of them flying and back-handing farmers. Just one year: $94,000. Both of their fund-raising campaigns fell very short. I guess the books and DVDs keep the wolf from the door, however.

As I said, if you want to make money of crop circles then that’s your business. However, I think a fair slice of honesty needs to come with it, otherwise you are a scam artist selling something that isn’t quite what it seems.

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