Crop Circles 2014: Robbert van den Broeke – A Primer

dutch crop circle

This crop circle (pictured above) appeared in the Netherlands. I think if this appeared in the UK, as used as we are to geometric wonders woven in the crop, it wouldn’t garner some of the responses it is having. Suzanne Taylor thinks “it’s a beaut” and gets excited about the “psychic stuff” (see below)

Suzanne Taylor

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I think this looks a little amatuerish. But we all have to start somewhere, and the quality of the circles in Holland is improving. It’s almost like watching someone learn the art of circle making. Anyhow, the psychic stuff has got Suzanne excited, but just what is at the centre of the crop circle phenomena? It’s Robbert van den Broeke (RvdB). In fact, not much happens, crop circle wise, without his involvement. Which doesn’t seem to make people curious. If this situation was in the UK, RvdB would have come under some extreme scrutiny. However, this shift in “the phenomena” to Holland and it’s lack of critical appraisal suits RvdB and those who champion him.

Now, those who support RvdB seem to either lack the critical thinking skills to look at RvdB’s background or are complicit in the charade that is taking place. There is plenty of evidence to highlight that all is not as it seems when it comes to RvdB. So here is a handy compilation of some areas of RvdB that require a lot more scrutiny.

One of the aspects of RvdB’s rise to infamy is his use of photographs that allegedly depict spirits that have dragged themselves along to stand next to RvdB. They usually are accompanied by some cheesy sub-standard New-Age message. Some of these images that magically manifest themselves next to Robbert look familiar to images you can find on the internet. How can that be? Well, Robbert claims that the internet is similar in theory to Jung’s Collective Consciousness, and the spirits or whatever use these images. It is strange, Edwardian and Victorian mediums were able to manifest the images of dead people and photograph them without the use of the internet, yet these spirits seem incapable of this feat and have to rely on the vast array of images available on the world wide web. A great example of this (and believe me there are many) is this offering from the Red Ice Creations website. It appears that St. Francis of Assisi had nothing better to do over an Easter holiday in 2011 than visit Robbert. BUT a keen eyed citizen found exactly where these images came from on the internet. So, collective consciousness or someone trying to con the public? Have a look and judge for yourself  here Also check out the editorial comment at the bottom of the webpage.

This website expertly shows how Robbert probably created his infamous ‘mudman’ photo

This website shows how Robbert probably creates all his photos and achieves identical results. There are so many cases of this, simply googling Robbert van den broeke hoax will show you many, many websites where is “work” is pulled apart by those with a critical mind.

So that’s the photo’s dealt with. Almost. Robbert’s messages that come with the photo’s have also caused a lot of outrage. One of the more disturbing incidents was the use of the images of deceased crop circle researcher Pat Delgado and crop circle maker Dave Chorley. In the video that Robbert produced, Robbert claims that Pat told him, from beyond the grave, that he [Pat] was still energetically involved in crop circles and thanked the circle enthusiasts in their search for the truth. The trouble is Pat Delagdo was a long time research associate of Colin Andrews, and Pat knew very well who was behind crop circles, and it was nothing paranormal. Dave Chorley also came out with an equally curious statement. Robbert claimed to have been told by Dave that he [Dave] was sorry that he told the media crop circles were just a joke and that he [Dave] and his friend Doug had made them. Now, again we see someone who was infamous for making many crop circle suddenly indicating there was a paranormal explanation for them. Obviously these ludicrous comments from Robbert didn’t sit to well with certain people, especially the Chorley family who found the use of their dead relative as some sort of paranormal pawn in RcdB’s curious games a little distasteful. They issued a strongly worded statement. When asked about this, Nancy Talbott stated that the Chorley family should just ‘get over it’. Curiously, the blog that featured Nancy’s rather cold and bitter response has conveniently disappeared. Robbert did exactly the same with images alleged to show the sadly-missed researcher Paul Vigay. Paul was another one who knew exactly what was going on with crop circles, but if you listen to Robbert, Paul seems to be saying something completely different to what he was saying [regarding crop circles] to when he was alive. Just to finally put the nail in the coffin of this very sad chapter, Roger Wibberly produced a video highlighting where Robbert got the images from for his little pantomime. The full story can be found at Colin Andrews website here. The story involving Paul Vigay is here

What we have looked at already is but the tip of the iceberg. This link will take you to great blog picking apart the film ‘Thrive’, which features Robbert. It also asks some searching questions, still unanswered by those who support RdvB.

Robbert has been caught out on many occasions including the infamous ‘genverbrander’ incident (and this is a personal favourite). The following is a description of the incident taken from the Fortean Times message board which can be found here:

“However, the name Robbert van den Broeke is well-known in The Netherlands. In 2005, the young gentleman was the star of a short-lived tv-series about his paranormal abilities. Unfortunately, when he was exercising those abilities on-camera, he did it so clumsily, that even other mediums denounced him as a fraud. 

The most famous example of this was the ‘genverbrander’ case. In the show, Robbert visited the widow of a cameraman (who had worked for the channel the show was on) who had comitted suicide. After giving her some generalities about her husband ‘being in the light’, he suddenly blurted out a bunch of very specific information on the previous life the widow had had with her husband. Unfortunately for him, he relayed a typo that was present in the historical web page that he’d memorized. He gave the profession of the supposed previous incarnation of the cameraman as ‘genverbrander’ (gene burner), stipulating that he did not know what such a strange word meant. TV watchers who googled the name of the historical person themselves, soon found that the profession was listed on other web pages as ‘geneverbrander’ (gin distiller). 

This mistake became so famous in Holland that the word ‘genverbrander’ was chosen as Word of the Year by some news web site. Poor Robbert became somewhat of a national laughing stock. 

Another obvious case of fraud on the TV show about him was seen when he was taking pictures of a blank wall with his digital camera. He had ‘seen’ the image of a nun there before. After exclaiming that he managed to photograph this image, he handed the camera to the show’s presenter, who excitedly started paging through the pictures. This showed, on-screen, that there were multiple nun pictures dated several minutes *after* the one he was exclaiming about. “

So, a long history of very dubious claims. Of course, I can expect the haughty response off Nancy et al, abusive messages from the “mystery hacker” in Holland and a large number of crop circle “researchers” and fanatics putting their collective fingers in their ears. Again, for a group of people so focused on “The Truth”, they seem very reticent to look at those who are claiming to be delivering “The Truth” regarding crop circles and associated phenomena.

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