Crop Circles 2014: What you may have missed #4

With a few formations, now starting to appear, focus on the art means that sometimes small snippets of information get lost among the aerial photo’s and film footage. Here are a few snippets that landed in the inbox…

The Boycott: For the casual observer, it is difficult not to fail to notice that there have been no significant formations in Wiltshire this year (just that oilseed formation early in the season). Most circle makers seem to have fallen into line with the informal boycott of Wiltshire farmland, not only to hopefully get back on-side with the Wiltshire farmers, but to also make a point to those who make money from crop circles. The constant criticism from those who rely on the crop circles to make their money towards the human circle makers must obviously grate. Talk about biting the hand the feeds! Whether wallets will be opened to ensure some circles appear remains to be seen. It appeared to happen last year, just in time for the tours and lecture season. How ironic, that for a phenomena that claims crop circles are trying to wake humanity up to a greater reality away from old paradigms, capitalism still seems to be at the heart of the phenomena. It seems mammon makes crop circles, who’d a thunk it?

Mr Gyro: Some great aerial footage has been appearing courtesy of Mr Gyro and his team. Their web page is well worth a visit, not only to stare awe-struck at the great aerial footage they capture, but they also produce reasonably priced DVDs of last years crop circles. They can be found here

Currently the Tate gallery is having an exhibition around the theme of British Folk Art. We’re a creative lot us Brits, and this exhibition shows the creative endeavours of the great British public (not just British but you get the point). I wonder if at some point in the future, when a similar exhibition may take place, that circlemakers sketchpads, measuring tapes and stomping boards will accompany some aerial photographs of crop circles. It’s British Folk Art at its best! Details of the Tate exhibition can be found here

Congratulations go to famous/infamous (depending on your viewpoint) circlemaker Rob Irving who has obtained his Doctorate. Congratulations Dr Irving!

A blog I occasionally visit is the Crop Circle Cyclist. While it is far too easy to sit and point at the politics and shenanigans of the crop circle world (and boy, is it ever so easy!), the blogs author demonstrates how crop circles should be enjoyed: by visiting them and contemplating on the artistic statement and how that applies to you.  The blog can be found here


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