Crop Circles 2014: What you might have missed #5

Two pictures sum up this week very sweetly. The first is a sign posted on the gate outside the Harewell Lane formation. Apparently the farmer isn’t too happy, and has been venting his frustration in the press. He’s a bit annoyed, but not too annoyed to take a fifty quid backhander to let a bunch of Dutch tourists into the circle.

Obviously the aliens didn't read the sign.
Obviously the aliens didn’t read the sign.

The second picture concerns the Charles Mallet tin shack, I mean Crop Circle Emporium. An eye witness report claimed that business was so busy that Charles was led on a cushion outside his tin-can topping up his tan. Now, the fact that Charles has opened up on such hallowed ground as The Barge Inn, has ruffled many a feather. In fact, I amazed the tin can is still in one piece, considering the level of disharmony caused by his arrival. However, the weird figure on top of the container (like, what is that all about?) hasn’t fared too well.

Um, insert your own joke here.
Um, insert your own joke here.

I think we’re just building up to silly season…

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