Slenderman and crop circles: Myths and art

The creepy image that spawned the Slender Man
The creepy image that spawned the Slender Man

On May 31, 2014, two 12 year old girls in Wisconsin allegedly held down and stabbed a 12 year old classmate repeatedly. When quizzed by police, the girls claimed they wanted to commit a murder as they believed this would set them on the road to being acolytes of Slender Man. One of the girls claimed that Slender Man watches her, is telepathically linked to her and can teleport to her. Strangely, the Slender Man is nothing more than an artistic creation that went viral on the internet. Despite it being a fictional character people routinely report Slender Man sightings.

The Slender Man was an image created by Eric Knusden in 2009 and has spawned online fiction, cosplay and video games all focusing on the fictional slender, tall, featureless man. Why this piqued my attention is the way that events suddenly gather a mythology that almost become woven into a reality and accepted as fact. We see the same things in the world of crop circles. Artists create works of art in the field and peoples interpretations, experiences and personal mythology get affected and the events that transpire take on a life of their own. We see this in events such as the alleged daylight sighting of the creation of the Julia Set crop circle, or the strange golden creature witnessed from Knapp Hill in 2010. Slowly, as these events get posted all over the internet, they slowly become accepted as facts rather than anecdotal events. I confidently expect to see the Slender Man credited with making a crop circle at some point in the future…

More on the Slender Man can be found here and here

Slender Man Street Art
Slender Man Street Art


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