Peace, love and I know why…

Tetbury and not a devil in sight
Tetbury and not a devil in sight

This fantastic formation appeared near Tetbury, Glucestershire, as previously reported, and judging by the news reports it seems to be oozing the feel-good factor. Not only causing hundreds of tourists to flock to it, but also mending the farmers relationship with his estranged partner. Aw, bless! The lay of the crop is absolutely fantastic, a real joy to behold. Of course, there are the few mis-informed naysayers pointing to the pentagram in the formation and making unfounded connections to satanic sources.

Of course, to the educated, the pentagram has a long history. Firstly appearing in Sumerian texts, long before the Christians created the fantasy figure of Satan, and in fact the pentagram was an early Christian symbol representing the five senses or the five wounds of Christ.

Apologies for linking to the Daily Mail, but sometimes you do have to deal with necessary evils

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