Crop Circles 2014: What you might have missed #6

So, here we are again! Post season musings aplenty…

The Crop Circle Challenge issued by Charles Mallett towards Andrew Pyrka passed by with Mr. Pyrka generally  ignoring it. The issue is that Pyrka has routinely demanded to see other peoples evidence if they make any counter-claim to the theme of his FB page. So, it should have come as no surprise that the same demands would be leveled at him when he decided to make claims about the properties of Maize (see link below). Since the big spat between Charles Mallett and Pyrka last year, a greater deal of scrutiny has been placed on what Pyrka says and does. The UFO/Blimp controversy last year did Pyrka no favours, as did the claims of the issues surrounding many of photographs Pyrka claims contains anomalous features such as beings etc. Many of the claims come from someone who used to be close to Pyrka, which shows the loyalties within the world of crop circles are as impermanent as the circles themselves. I have loyalties to no-one, as in this realm, people will stand or fall by the strength of their evidence and behaviour. Of course, some of the really dark secrets and allegations that were swirling around during the Mallet Vs Pyrka war of words will never see the light of day, as that is one hell of a legal case. But, I think the underlying message to all of this is that whatever your claims, you’re going to need to have the evidence to back it up.

Colin Andrews, the father of modern crop circles, issued a statement recently that sounded to many as a notice of retirement. When this statement was issued I pondered long and hard about Mr. Andrews. For those of us interested in crop circles, we are here I believe because of the work Colin did in those early days. Colin helped lead us into this great set of mysteries, almost like the cosmic trickster, and then allowing us to explore and conclude as appropriate. I have a great deal of time for Colin, as he followed where the evidence led him, and is generally a really nice guy. After reading and reviewing his last book “The Edge of Reality”, Colin sees things in a slightly bigger picture that just the world of crop circles. Colin has a more holistic world view and sees a greater consciousness interacting with humanity in an attempt to encourage us to grow and develop. I don’t think Colin will be gone for good, the lure of the “great mystery” is too great. Colin’s statement can be found here

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