What You May Have Missed #7

Ebola Crop Circle
Ebola Crop Circle

So, a small update on some of the movements within the world of crop circles since I was last here…

Ebola is obviously a huge issue at the moment, and in light of this, Dario Gambarin decided to carve out this crop-based image to highlight the appearance of Ebola on the European continent. The Belfast Telegraph dubbed this as a “bizarre crop circle” and have some half-arsed reporting on this page

As previously reported, Mr. Pyrka failed to adequately respond to the Crop Circle Challenge to raise the maize plants like the modern day messiah he believes he is. Since then, there has been increased scrutiny of Mr. Pyrka and his actions which has led to the Andrew Pyrka Watch blog coming into existence, which seeks to analyse and expose just what is going on in the world of Andrew Pyrka and his beliefs. Andrew Pyrka Watch can be found here. With the increasing pressure, Andrew Pyrka has handed over the reigns of his Facebook page to Matthew Williams so Pyrka can continue writing his book. If anyone can recommend a good libel lawyer, can you send them to Mr. Pyrka. It is believed that he still is the controlling force in another crop circle related Facebook page which seeks to insult those who do not share his world view, and throw praise on those who do. I won’t share the name of it, it’s a waste of your time. This is an interesting article in how Mr. Pyrka tried to bully Mr. Trystan Swale this summer past. Anyway, enough of this nonsense, I will leave you with a look at the now legendary Burdrop Blimp, the “UFO” which netted Mr. Pyrka £500…

Crop Circle Nirvana, is the repository for some articles etc from the website of the same name that ran from 2003-11, and is well worth a few moments of your time. Some of the older posts, around the 2003-04 season really reminded me of the majesty of some of the designs around that time. Hopefully we’ll see lots of insightful articles on this blog in the future.

So, soon I’ll be banging out a review of the 2014 season, posting my interview with Patty Greer, having a look at the Dutch scene and over on my other blog I’ll be having a look at my FOIA revelation that the MoD is still holding onto some UFO related files

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