Robbert van den Broeke: Cheap tricks

The new age market is a crowded place these days with books on all aspects of the subject being published at an alarming rate. So to make sure that your product is seen in the marketplace relies on whether your product offers something new or is a quality product. So if you are an alleged psychic whose career was cut short due to being caught out and judged as a fraud means you’re going to have to work very hard and have some tricks up your sleeve to have any chance of regaining your market position. This I believe is the issue with Robbert van den Broeke (RvdB) and his brand of third-rate mediumship.

After the catastrophic genverbrander incident RvdB needed an ongoing campaign of bigger and better revelations to maintain any sense of relevancy (he had become a national laughing stock at this point).  His comeback has relied on bigger and better tricks like a new age David Blaine. Having latched onto the crop circle community he has found an audience looking to believe in the paranormal origin of crop circles. The poor quality circles have relied on tricks to detract from the amateur quality of the circles and to hint that these circles are something special.  First we had crop circles with strange white powders included. Suddenly the strange powders stopped appearing, how curious. Then we had recent reports of witnesses seeing the creation of the circles,  all of whom were RvdB’s associates, none of whom seemed to have the semse to take a camera. Three circles appearing in one night, forming a triangle: which sounds like it was lifted (with a slight alteration) from Colin Andrews last book.

It’s not just poor crop circles RvdB uses to promote himself. RvdB seems to have a queue of glittering dead celebraties all waiting with special (but fairly vacuous) messages for RvdB to transmit. And what a list we’ve had: Jesus, Mary, Princess Diana and now Nazi Adolf Eichmann. Strangely Adolf didn’t have much to say about helping instigating the murder of thousands and thousands of innocent lives. RvdB seemed to like him though, claiming Adolf was “a good, sweet man”.  This is the plan though, always someone bigger,  more important and more controversial.  Anything to feed RvdB the oxygen of publicity. Oh, and throw in some poor quality “spirit photography” for good measure, that’ll fill a few pages. Although, that spirit photography isn’t really fooling anyone.

Those that have dared to question the authenticity of RvdB have received regular online abuse from the “mystery hacker” who has nothing better to do with his skills than email people in an attempt to discredit RvdB. At least that’s what RvdB and Nancy Talbott claim.  The reverse psychology here is fairly transparent.

The bigger question is what is RvdB’s next trick? He lacks the skills to produce some spiritual philosophy or wisdom so it will always be some visual trickery to fool the unwary. So like the new age David Blaine, he is hunting for the next trick to keep his face out there. It’s a never ending task and he’s watching over his shoulder for the new generation of psychics and mediums.  Let’s be honest,  when did you last see David Blaine? He’s yesterday’s man. And let’s face it, the link below is how you remember David Blaine just as we’ll only remember RvdB for genverbrander, poor quality crop circles, rubbish spirit photography and acting like a spoilt child when questioned.


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