Robbert van den Broeke: The craziness continues

Robbert van den Broeke (RvdB) has form when it comes to upsetting people by his alleged channelings. In previous utterings on his website he has upset the Chorley and Vigay families by claiming to have communicated with their deceased family members, but what RvdB claimed they said didn’t sound like them at all (They sounded as if they were being utilised to suit the RvdB agenda). Despite the protestations from the families, RvdB did little to placate them, and in fact Nancy Talbott dismissed them with a typically blunt statement. Now RvdB has plumbed new depths by claiming to have contacted Adolf Eichmann. Yes, THAT Adolf Eichmann. The Eichmann involved in formulating and masterminding the Holocaust.

Yet according to RvdB, he wasn’t that bad a person after all. Strange how at no point did Eichmann attempt an apology or explain his actions. No, obviously masterminding the murder of millions of people is likely to slip your mind, right? No, it was some typical third-rate New Age, love and light bullshit that RvdB peddles, and those with the lack of critical thinking accept. Trystan Swale has covered this awful incident here also.

This isn’t the only nastiness eminating from RvdB and his associates. Throughout December and January the abusive emails continued to a selected few and then a twitter account soon opened up which continued the abuse.

Talking all things Twitter, @genverbrander seems to highlight alot of RvdB’s nonsense, past and present. Well worth a look.

Of course, RvdB needs to tread a little careful as we shall be revealing soon…


6 thoughts on “Robbert van den Broeke: The craziness continues

    1. It isn’t a “strict experiment”. It’s far from scientific. I gave RvdB the opportunity to get tested by Professor Chris French, who is one of the leading paranormal researchers within the academic community, and all Robbert could do was send abusive messages in response. If Robbert is the real deal, then why has he not been tested properly? The reason Robbert would not submit to proper scientific conditions is because he’d be caught out as a fraud. If Robbert is the real deal as you suggest, then why has he been caught out time and time again? This isn’t science in this clip, it’s barely an experiment.

  1. I dont say that i believe Robbert, but the “proofs” that you give that he is fake are very weak, of you match it with the “proofs” that he is real.

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