Crop Circles 2015: What you may have missed #8

Disinformation. It’s rife in the world of UFOs and Crop Circles, here some seasoned campaigners come together to discuss some of the issues around some of the more famous UFO incidents and crop circles too. Featuring Colin Andrews, Peter Robbins and Robert Salas, it’s an interesting listen and raises many questions. It can be found here.

Crop Circles can be a marketers dream, when done correctly at least. The superbowl has had two crop circles this year. This mighty creation was the first

Surely it's too big to be made by humans...
Surely it’s too big to be made by humans…

Then Pepsi created the following, rather disappointing affair here. Having lost the cola wars, Pepsi seem to be aiming to lose the marketing war with this uninspiring creation. Pepsi claim to have a few more crop circles to come…

Mr Gyro, provider of some awesome aerial crop circle footage, is giving away some crop circles postage stamps on their Facebook page

The Daily Mail had a non-story about marking in fields during WWII and tried, in vain, to make it into a crop circle story. Clickbait at best, but it’s here if you’re a fan of lazy journalism.

All the news that’s fit to print, in poison pen and tabloid ink…

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