Crop Circles 2015: What You Might Have Missed #11

A slow start to the season thus far, so here’s just a quick round-up of some other crop circles related stuff, bubbling around the internet…

Meanwhile, in Europe, there have been a few formations appearing. This formation appeared in Pontecurone, Italy.

(c)  2015 Conal Doyle
(c) 2015 Conal Doyle

Further photo’s and drone footage can be found here

Near Berlin, this formation appeared…

(c) 2015 Reecard Farche
(c) 2015 Reecard Farche

Further photo’s can be found here

A drone has been used to explore this recent Russian formation

Terence McKenna, beloved guru of many, gives his opinion on crop circles

Matthew Williams gives us a little insight into a copyright issue where an un-named researcher has been using his photo’s without permission…


Terry Wilson’s “The Secret History of Crop Circles: Recording the Phenomena in Days of Old” is a wonderful book, sadly out of print these days. The good news is that there is kindle version of the book now on Amazon. Terry’s book focuses on reports of crop circles going back into history, long before the modern era began. A little outdated in parts but definitely worth a read. The book is available here

Mr Gyro has been filming crop circles using drone technology and now has a handy app for locating the latest crop circles. More information can be found here

Nancy Talbott and Colin Andrews have locked horns recently over the “science” of BLT and the avoidance of some very tough questions. A brief overview and some links can be found here

So, that’s all the news that’s fit to print, in poison pen and tabloid ink….


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