Crop Circles 2015: Police investigate Wiltshire crop circles.

‘Allo, ‘allo, ‘allo! What’s all this then?  It seems, according to Farmers Weekly, the police are investigating the crop circle that appeared near Malmesbury recently. To quote Farmers Weekly:

The mystery appearance of a crop circle on a Wiltshire farm is being investigated as criminal damage.

The stunned farmer discovered the circle in one of his wheat fields last week in Malmesbury.

However, he told police he had not given permission for it to be made.

Wiltshire Police said the farmer thought he had caught those responsible for the crime when he spotted five adults trespassing on his land near the crop circle.

But it later transpired that they were visiting the farm to view the crop circle, which they said had been formed two weeks earlier by an unknown person.

Again, on this occasion, the farmer had not given permission for the visitors to enter his field.

A spokeswoman for Wiltshire Police told Farmers Weekly that an officer was investigating the incident, which was being treated as criminal damage.

NFU South West spokesman David George said there was an ongoing “uneasy relationship” between farmers and crop circle artists.

“Crop circles might be art in some people’s minds, but if you asked the average Wiltshire farmer, he will tell you that it is criminal damage and trespassing,” he added.

“People just turn up and do these things. It is a matter of some annoyance. There is the damage caused by the circle itself and by the making of it.

“Then on top of that, the farmer has the cost of securing his fields to prevent future incidents.”

The full article can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Crop Circles 2015: Police investigate Wiltshire crop circles.

  1. I do rather feel for the farmers stuck in the middle, especially the hosts of the bigger designs. Not only do they have to deal with unannounced visitors arriving en masse, they also bear the financial cost of the crushed plants – which could come to a considerable amount in the hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. I hope those who profess to make the circles also compensate the farmers for their lost income (or at least tip them off first so they can charge admission fees for the crowds).

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