Crop Circles 2015: What You Might Have Missed #12

Some links and some musings from the Circular State of Mind…

First of all, Monique Klinkenburgh has yet another bite of the cherry in regards to her ill-fated Crop Circle Access Scheme, which has failed miserably in previous years. Now, it’s called “The Farmers Crop Circle Reimbursement Fund”. This puff piece will probably linger a little longer than the critical article in the same newspaper, which goes to show the journalistic independence of the Western Daily Press. Anyway, the full PR piece, I mean article can be found here

Of course, the compensation/reimbursement/back-hander the farmers will receive will be dependent on what circles there are for the punters to visit. Now, in recent years, the Wiltshire farmers have been a lot less forgiving of the art appearing on their land, and their knee-jerk reaction has to been to cut out most circles. Mr. Gyro has a good piece on this on his blog here and also below is some good aerial footage of one of this years circles being removed.

Complexity. One of this terms that used to get thrown around as some sort of stamp of authenticity. Well, humans couldn’t make something so geometrically complex, right? Wrong. Matt Williams shows how this formation, while looking great from certain angles, isn’t as wonderful as you would have thought…

Suzanne Taylor, still with a garage full of crop circle DVDs to sell, sent me an email with some insights into the crop circle world. Wow, thanks, Suzanne. Suzanne believes the creators of the crop circles (aliens, of course) have now fled to Holland (a theme she has been banging on about for a few years. However, the circles in Holland are generally piss-poor and do not have that cinematic quality found in the UK circles, which must really annoy Suzanne as the potential for a follow up to her previous DVD is limited).


Suzanne believes that because people won’t play ball, because the English scene is so “contentious”, the aliens ego’s have been pricked and have decided to bother some guy in Holland instead. How emotionally inept must these aliens be? Unless you behave, the aliens will take their toys and play someplace else. If we follow that logic to its natural conclusion, judging by the behaviour of the human race thus far, the aliens would have left long ago.

Isn’t it strange that Nancy Talbott and Suzanne have so little to do with the English crop circle “scene”. Strange that the landscape that has traditionally been home to the circles doesn’t really feature anymore in Nancy and Suzanne’s world. Obviously because it’s so “contentious”, which is a sub-text for: if you come to the UK with the sh*t you’ve been peddling, you will get a rough ride. Plus, the real horror, the real career ending scenario must be making another DVD, proclaiming the aliens made all the circles, and a human pops up with the evidence to the contrary. You can hear the cash register jamming from here.

Talking of cash registers, Patty Greer has her begging bowl out, as she aims to deliver two crop circle films. (Control yourselves). In her new film, Patty claims to lay bare her “telepathic communications I have had with the Circlemakers”. The same Patty Greer who believes she has seen binary code flying between two orbs in the long discredited “Olivers Castle” footage. (the creator of this footage is alive and well, and easily traceable, and will gleefully tell you tale of how he fooled the world for five minutes and built a career for Patty Greer, who just won’t let this footage die a dignified death).

Finally, Nancy Talbott has decided to stop filing the BLT reports with Crop Circle Connector due to Matthew Williams (continual thorn in the side of the pro-ET crop circle community) supplying the Connector with photo’s of crop circles. Obviously, Nancy has been sleeping on the job as Matt’s involvement with the Connector has been going on for a few years. No great loss, I’m afraid, Nancy.


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