Robbert van den Broeke arrested

Indeed, it is true. Robbert van den Broeke had indeed been arrested for allegedly making death threats, spent three days in prison and released pending further investigations.

The media report can be found here

The english translation is:

Medium Robbert van den Broeke arrested for death threats: “I cut your throat ‘

BOSSCHENHOOFD – Robbert van den Broeke from Bosschenhoofd three days stuck in an Amsterdam prison.The self-styled medium was on Wednesday January six home Bosschenhoofd arrested at the request of the public prosecutor in Amsterdam. By the medium five declarations have been because of threats, including death threats.

The arrest was carried out by the police Central and West Brabant. The Public Prosecutor in Amsterdam confirmed that a 35 year old man from Bosschenhoofd held on Wednesday, January 6th, and also that his house target of a search.

It’s going to Van den Broeke, can be derived from a database of the police Central and West Brabant. However that on January 6 an R. van den Broeke was arrested at the request of the police in Amsterdam.

Medium remains suspect
Because some of the reports came from the capital, it has become an Amsterdam thing, says Franklin Wattimena of the OM.

“Meanwhile, the suspect sent home as it’s called, but he remains a suspect in this case. Justice has not yet decided whether he will be prosecuted.”

When asked if the threats were directed mainly at employees of SBS and RTL will not respond to the spokesman.

I’ll cut your throat ‘
Author Henk Verhaeren from Rijsbergen is one of the five people who filed a report against the media. The conscious official record is held by Omroep Brabant. The medium was threatening to abduct Verhaeren and his throat cut.

“After the kidnapping, I cut your throat and into the open wound will I sprinkle salt, while you’re alive. So you get a horrible painful death”, as the media would have threatened Verhaeren.

Verhaeren, who said repeatedly being threatened, confirmed that Van den Broeke has been arrested by the police.

Already discredited
Robbert van den Broeke was earlier in the news with stories that he curses and death threats sent to Dutch and often more familiar to people who were critical of him.

In January 2015 was his defense that his mail and Twitter account had been hacked. That defense led to jeers at the many victims. Jan Willem Nienhuys of Skepticism site in Eindhoven has expressed satisfaction at the recent arrest.

“I myself have already declared in January 2015 because of threats to the police in Eindhoven. But there is nothing ultimately participated. I am delighted that the police in another part of the country there work has made.”

Medium deletes all readings
Robbert van den Broeke was unavailable for comment. On his website is still only read a corporate statement: “Due to circumstances this website is no longer active also all lectures are scheduled to expire.”.


Here is another link to the story

There have been many people over several years (including myself) who have received similar threats. Strangely, Nancy Talbott, long time Robbert van den Broeke supporter, is silent on the matter. Nothing on her website, nothing on her Facebook page. How curious…

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